Tatakau Shisho — “The Book of Bantorra”, Now on Animax

Tatakau Shisho (戦う司書, or The Armed Librarians) — better known in English as “The Book of Bantorra”, is a series of Japanese light novels written by Yamagata Ishio and illustrated by Maeshima Shigeki.

Ten volumes of the novel have been published so far, as well as a manga adaptation spanning several tankobon. An anime series based on the novels began airing in Japan on October 2009.

The main plot of The Book of Bantorra is based on the premise that memories of deceased people turn into books upon death. These books are kept in the Library of Bantorra for safekeeping.

Since anyone who reads a book can absorb the memories stored inside — thereby learning some potentially dangerous secrets, the Library is protected by the Armed Librarians. A cult known as Shindeki Church battles daily with the Librarians in a bid to gain access to the Library’s vaults.

To learn the secrets of the Library, watch The Book of Bantorra from Monday to Friday starting 21st October 2011, at 11 PM on Animax (Skycable Ch 46). For more information, log on to animax-asia.com.

Thanks to Animax and GMC for the media kit.

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  1. kathleen says:

    Wanna watch,wanna watch,wanna watch!XD
    *sigh* It’s just sucks bigtime not to have a cable connection, though.>,<


    1. dude, get ANIMAX — the new LAXT EXILE is pretty fab ❤


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