Digital Manga Services Launched by Viz, JManga

Digital Manga Services Launched by Viz JManga

From Publisher’s Weekly: US-based manga publisher Viz Media has launched — a pay-download site for manga in English.

In an odd coincidence, the coalition of Japanese manga publishers who banded together last year to fight scanlations has also released the promotional site, aimed at offering mostly free but limited access to Japanese manga.

Free and easy access to scanlated manga sites and illegal manga download services has hurt the sales of manga in the US — from USD 210M in 2007 to just USD 115M today. VizManga aims to lure the scanlation market to making legit downloads by offering up-to-date translated chapters via micro-transactions. Some chapters can be downloaded for as little as USD 3, with some promo titles available for download absolutely free. The service also has apps for both the iPad and the iPhone.

JManga on the other hand, will offer artists interviews, video-on-demand, official merchandise, and other content that scanlation sites are unable to offer. The content will be provided by five of the biggest publishers in Japan: Kodansha, Shogakukan, Shueisha, Futabasha, and Kadokawa.

The bad news is: both sites are off limits to Philippine subscribers. Yep, this is for North America only. Yep, it sucks to be us.

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  1. EK says:

    It always sucks to be us. And yet these people don’t want to cater to the outside-Japan Asian market.


  2. there are publishers that cater to the english-speaking market in asia, however they are small compared to their north american counterparts, and as a result are less likely to put up risky online projects like


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