07-Ghost Now on Animax! Plus, Win Prizes from K-on!


07-Ghost Now on Animax! Plus, Win Prizes from K-on!

Catch the latest anime running on Animax (Skycable Ch 46) this month all the way through to August!

07-Ghost is a fantasy anime adapted from the manga by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara. 07-Ghost tells the story of Teito Klein — a war orphan with a hidden past, who is currently attending the elite Barsburg Empire military academy. Teito possesses the ability to use Zaiphon, a type of supernatural power.

When Teito discovers that Barsburg’s Chief of Staff Ayanami was responsible for murdering his father — the king of the former Raggs Kingdom, he escapes the academy vowing to stop the Barsburg Empire’s plans, as well as uncover his mysterious past.

If lighter slice-of-life anime are your cup of after-school tea, then the girls from K-on! have just the thing! K-On! — originally a yonkoma four-panel comic strip manga, has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, featuring two tv series, two OVAs, an upcoming film, and dozens upon dozens of figures, toys, and other related merchandise.

The main characters are members of a high-school band called Houkago Tea Time (After School Tea Time), who banded together to prevent their school’s light music club from being dumped by the school board. The title of the series comes from the Japanese word for light music: keiongaku. Together, guitarist Hirasawa Yui, guitarist Azusa Nakano, bassist Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tainaka, and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki, become fast friends aside from playing together in the same band.

07-Ghost airs Mondays to Fridays at 19:30 PM, immediately before K-On! at 19:00 PM — only on Animax!

Want a sample of the music of Houkago Tea Time? Then you’re in luck as Animax is raffling off a limited K-On! Original Soundtrack Volume 2! To join, simply submit a photo of yourself cosplaying one of the characters from Houkago Tea Time with the following caption: “I am (Yui/Ritsu/Mio/Tsumugi/Azusa) because __(insert your answer here)__!

Entries must be emailed together with your name, age, full address and contact details to animaxph [dot] promo [at] gmail [dot] com. Please use “K-On! Sweet Melody” as your subject line. All entries must be submitted on or before 8 August 2011 at 17:00 PM. Winners will be announced on 12 August 2011.

Thanks to the folks at Animax PH and GMC for the advanced info!

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