Pretty Cure Opens Exclusive Store at Tokyo Character Street


Pretty Cure Opens Exclusive Store at Tokyo Character Street

Got this in the mail earlier before I was derailed by the coercion post: fan favorite Pretty Cure will finally be opening a store filled to the brim with exclusive merch.

An announcement was made by Toei Animation of the store’s opening last Friday, 15 July 2011. The store is located at Tokyo Character Street, which is at the B1 Level of JR’s Tokyo Station.

This is the first time that the Pretty Cure shop will be a regular store, as previous shops were only temporary stores set up during special events such as movie screenings and fan events.

Tokyo Character Street has been home to the Shounen Jump Shop, Studio Ghibli’s Donguri Garden, Ultraman World, and other specialty franchise-related shops such as Hello Kitty, Doraemon, and Domo-kun.

Aside from Tokyo Character Street, Tokyo Station’s B1 Level is also home to Tokyo Ramen Street — a collection of satellite branches of famous ramen shops located in Tokyo.

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