Geocache: Win One of Four Pairs of Tickets to Cosplay Mania 2011!


Win One of Four Pairs of Tickets to Cosplay Mania 2011!

Is your cheapskate boyfriend holding out on you because he wants to buy a Sony Vita? Did your wife just tell you, “No more more cons until you can get rid of your sexy statue collection!”? Have you spent your entire savings on fabric and rubber foam to make your next costume?

Never fear — we are here to help! We are giving away four pairs of one-day passes to Cosplay Mania 11, which will be happening on 1st and 2nd October at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City! These tickets are valid on any day, so you can either go together with a friend on one day, or use one ticket for yourself each day. Good deal, right?

So how do you win these tickets? This is where it starts to get interesting 😀 I will be giving the tickets away by geocache — simply put: I will be leaving clues on the blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter on where the tickets are hidden in real world locations, and it is up to you to find these places. The first person who finds the cache keeps it, and the we move on to the next set of tickets hidden at a new location.

Sound like fun? 😀 Fantastic! Make sure you are fan our FB Page, follow our Twitter account, and subscribe to our Feedburner feed to get dibs on the clues. Happy hunting you guys, and see you all at Cosplay Mania 11!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. XyLoL says:

    When will the game start 🙂 I’m revved up to find those tickets :))


  2. the first cache has been stowed 😀 i will reveal the clue tomorrow so you have all weekend to hunt for it 😀


  3. rigel says:

    i care less with the prize, but the contest looks interesting and exciting.. i like!
    thanks for doing contest like this.. 😉


    1. lol — no worries 😀 you get bored with FACEBOOK LIKE contests sooner or later — not to mention they’re now in violation fo FB T&C :/


  4. rigel says:

    i dislike those like contest gimmicks, it’s popularity contest and its cheap gimmick. i like your contests way way WAY more. it’s fun and challenging. 🙂


  5. XyLoL says:

    Is the 1st clue posted yet?


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