Crypton Opens Mikubook Social Media Site for Vocaloid Fans


Crypton Opens Mikubook Social Media Site for Vocaloid Fans

File this under: It took them long enough 😀 Itou Hiroyuki — CEO of Crypton Future Media, and Fukuoka Toshihiro — editor of Tokyo Kawaii Magazine, jointly announced the launch of Mikubook, a social networking site for Vocaloid fans. The announcement was made last 1st July 2011 at the “Miku Keynote” panel hosted by Anime Expo, as reported by ANN.

The site’s name is an amalgam of Hatsune Miku’s first name, and the name of that giant social media network that starts with “F” and ends in “acebook”. Mikubook focuses on the sharing and recommending of videos, illustrations, and music by Hatsune Miku and other Crypton Vocaloid properties.

Mikubook allows users to connect and befriend fellow Vocaloid fans, as well as recommend videos, illustrations, and music to them. Users can find other people with similar tastes via the “fave” feature. Users can log into the service via their existiong Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Sign-ups are now open at; however, the site is stull under early beta, so glitches in the system are to be expected. See you guys there (my username is magnetic_rose)! 😀

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