An Open Letter to Some Local Figure Collectors


An Open Letter to Some Local Figure Collectors

Dear local figure collectors: please read the fine print on the online shops you are ordering from before clicking the BUY button, especially if this is your first time.

It does not matter that you are a long-time customer at another site — every shop is different! One should never assume that just because things worked one way on one site, it will work the same way on another.

I cannot stress it enough: please read the fine print. FAQ. How-to. It’s called many different things — but please read it. It is the only way sure-fire way to estimate the total amount your expenses will come to, short of having to make the purchase. Ultimately, it is not the site’s fault you didn’t find out about their JPY 500 handling fee or their JPY 900 shipping fee until it was too late — as it was clearly written down in their site FAQ.

Lastly, if you think that you can try to get away from your own mistake by not paying for the purchase, think again. There may not be any immediate consequences for you, but there will be for the entire community in the long run. The shop you cheated may decide that all Filipino collectors are assholes, and will not accept any orders bound for the Philippines, period (see: Hobby Search’s anti-fraud cash-only-via-Paypal sales policy for the Philippines).

No one — not even the most avid collectors with the most spotless payment records, will be able to order anything from that online store ever again. And it will be your fault. So please, take responsibility for your own oversight. Shut up, pay up, and next time read the FAQ before you order anything from a new site.

No love, me.

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  1. Clair says:

    Even if the payment details are not always explicitly stated on the item’s page, aren’t the details shown before you could do a check out? ^^;;;;


  2. ^ it should; it is against the rules to tack on additional charges after the customer has clicked the CONFIRM button. any shop that does that can be reported to their local business bureaus and shut down for unscrupulous practices.


  3. kaoko says:

    Hay, buti nga may paypal policy na ang Hobby-Search. Remember that time when they flat out refused to entertain orders from the Philippines?


  4. ^ THIS. i remember sending then an email, and they said that they have had to deal with a lot of credit card fraud from the philippines, so they would rather not deal with filipinos wholesale, rather than bother sorting out the bad eggs from the good :/


  5. Mickey says:

    I don’t have any problem with Hobby Search having that policy.
    I don’t have any means to pay them anyway but with cash via Paypal.
    As long as the Philippines is allowed to purchase from them, I’m good (=

    Someone from the PI probably used and abused the use of credit card, that’s why HS made that policy >_< Geeks and their plastic cards… :))


  6. Someone from the PI probably used and abused the use of credit card, that’s why HS made that policy

    quite possibly; the bad news is we just got that repealed with the PAYPAL option, and now some jackass wants to ruin the fun all over again by committing another fraud >.>

    to be fair to him, the shop he is planning to skip out on his payment on is not HOBBY SEARCH, but still — what if that other shop takes up HS’ mantle and starts barring shipment to the philippines? :/ boo!


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