How to Get a Japan Tourist Visa in Three Days


How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days

We’ve all heard the horror stories about getting a Japan Visa: some applications have taken six months or more, other applications have been lodged multiple times to no avail, and even some applications attached to a large stack of supporting documents but still no Visa.

Every Visa denial means a six-month wait before another application can be sent. All of this can get very frustrating and disheartening, especially for people who have been looking forward to their trips very much.

So, how did I end up applying for, and getting a Japan visa, in just three days? Here is what I did:


The first step was visiting the Visa section of the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines website. I downloaded and printed out the form (PDF and DOC files are both available), as well as the checklist of the required documents. The printed application form must be filled out in block letters with black ink. You can also opt to just type in your details in the downloaded form, and then print it out in one go.


Checklist in hand, I tried to put together as many required documents as possible. I had bank certificates made, photocopied my latest Income Tax Return since I had to submit the originals, and had our company HR team make out a Certificate of Employment. I went to a professional photo studio to have pictures taken — very important since even a small error in the photo size can delay the approval of your application.

I also hunted down my old passports and very carefully stapled them to my newest one — I wanted the Japanese Consul’s office to see that I held several used Japan Visas as well as plenty of stamps from other ASEAN countries (used US, Australia, and Schengen Visas may also help). I also checked to make sure that my passport was valid for at least another six or seven months.


I went to my preferred travel agent (the Embassy has a list of accredited agencies here) early on a Monday morning to submit all my requirements; the Embassy does not accept walk-in applicants. Try to file your application on a Monday or a Tuesday, so that it gets processed by Wednesday — which is the day the Japanese Consul office stays closed, just to process and approve/deny Visa applications.

After a quick inspection of all the papers I submitted, the travel agent asked me to pay the processing fee, and then sent me on my way. Everything took less than thirty minutes, from start to finish. Early Thursday morning, I got a call from the travel agent saying that my passport — with my approved Visa attached, was ready for pick-up at their office.

The entire process took a mere three business days from application to approval — easy, right?

Please note that this is a summary of our experience in applying for a Japanese visa. Mileage may vary with each individual. For more tips, you can also read How to Get A Japanese Tourist Visa in 24 Hours, How to Get a Japan Visa in Three Days, Getting a Japan Tourist Visa: An FAQ for Filipinos, and Tips on Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa.


  1. smile says:

    ms rose question lang po. bago lang kasi ako sa work ko at probationary pa, kaya di ko alam kung makakahingi ako ng certificate of employment. kailangan po ba ng COE lagi? thanks


    1. Hindi po palagi pero malaking tulong po yun, but if you have an ITR (BIR 2316) pwede din yung substitute.


  2. polka dots says:

    Hi magnetic rose. My British boyfriend wants me to go with him on a 3-4 day trip to Japan this summer. I have a stable job and compensated well for it but I don’t have a fat bank account because most of my salary goes to payments for 2 properties, which are not yet titled in my name since I haven’t finished paying for all of them. I have 3 bank accounts – the company payroll account in which I receive my salary, a savings account which has less than P30k (because, like I said, most of my earnings go to the properties), and a checking account (which I use for postdated cheques to amortise the properties). Bagsak na ba ako sa show money requirement? I am willing to present the contracts for the properties i necessary. I also have stamps in my passport from visits to Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. On an old passport I have a UK visa (I was sent there for training). What do you think are my chances of getting a tourist visa? Am really worried about the show money requirement. Thank you for your advice.


    1. I think the fact that you own two properties locally (or are halfway there) is a good thing — just show a certificate from your real estate broker that you are on a deferred payment scheme plus the actual value of the properties and they might consider it as a sign that you are well-compensated here and don’t intend to look for work overseas 🙂


  3. gel says:

    Good day po, ask ko lang po kung paano po makakuha ng tourist visa sa japan? im 18 yrs old pede naman na po ko sa sarili ko ako na lang kukuha, ano po mga requirements? gusto ko lang talaga makita mama ko at mga kapatid ko this yr.. citizen na din po yung mama ko kaso nahihirapan po sya na makuha ako, ano din po ba maganda na paraan? please, sana po magresponse kayo.. 🙂


  4. Nowee damayo says:

    Ask ko lang po. Balak ko kasing mag work sa japan for 6 mons. Kaso ung titirahan ko dun di ko kamag anak. Ano po dapat ko i-apply na klase ng visa? Tourist po ba?:) tska ano pong mga kailangan pag kukuha ng visa?


  5. Hi! I just want to thank you for this informative blog post! 🙂 I was totally clueless regarding the application process and requirements for a tourist visa, especially because I’m still a student, still financially dependent on my parents. 🙂 I passed my requirements last Friday, March 22 and today, the travel agency told me that I was granted a visa valid until June. 🙂 yay! Congratulations on your blog 🙂


    1. No worries — enjoy your trip 😀


  6. maila1221 says:

    hello magnetic_rose how u doing po?? ask ko lang po sana kung pwedi akong makakuha ng tourist visa to japan at ang American bf ko po ung magiging sponor ko…and kahit na po i was married with australian before pero hiwalay na po kami but hindi pa po kami annul, hindi po ba ako mahihirapan kumuha ng visa this month???


  7. Miguel Rogali says:

    I’m just wondering if I could book/purchase hotel, plane tickets, amusement park tickets ahead of time then submit them to back up my other documents, because I plan not to avail any tour package and just tour on my own as I like to have my own time for sight seeing, also I have no relatives there or friends, what’s the chances of having my visa approved? My fear is denied visa after making those ticket purchases and waste money. I have already traveled with visa to some Asia countries like China, India, Africa like Egypt as well as ASEAN like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.


    1. It’s really not recommended to purchase anything ahead of time as these may not be refundable if your visa application is denied. My suggestion is to submit as much financial documentation as you can (bank account certificates, income tax returns, even land deeds or business permits), and hope that these are enough to prove that you are financially stable. Good luck!


  8. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Magnetic rose tanong ko lang po ako po ay half japanese half filipino dito po ako pinanganak sa pilipinas at ang daddy ko po at mama ay nasa japan gusto po nila ako kunin kaso po na deny po sila dati sa pag kuha ng eligitimate sa japan dahil wla po ako sa kosekitohon po 20years old na po ako ngayon pano po kaya dapat namin gawin? Thanks po


  9. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Bali po pure japanese po ang daddy ko at mama ko po pure filipina pano po ba dapat gawin namin para po hindi ma deny yung sa eligitimate po? Posible po kaya maayos pa yung sakin case? Thanks po ulit!


  10. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Please replay po kung sino may alam eto po number ko 09275148987 thanks po ng madami


  11. Mina says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing this post. It’s very helpful, given that my friends are going there. I hope this helps them!


  12. Jay iro sasaki says:

    Mag netic rose please help me to my problem..


  13. Wimbky says:

    Hi Ms. Rose!

    I want to know if you have heard or handled questions RE: Tourist Visa for Military Personnel SOFA Status.

    I know it’s handled the same way as a regular tourist visa, but I’m having trouble receiving mails from my USAF fiance. He’s my guarantor and he’ll be shouldering all of my expenses in my travels there.

    My situation:

    He has sent me two mails and so far, none has been received yet, and the bureau of customs did not send me anything re: a package waiting to be claimed. I’m afraid it will happen to his letters, so is it possible to have them scanned and sent?

    Also, I plan on coming back ASAP, since I can’t be absent from work for more than a week.

    We plan on getting married here in the PH, but he needs my passport that proves that I have been to Japan to see him for his CO’s to approve/authorize the marriage. He will be returning with me to the PH and get married here as soon as we arrive. So, it’s a two-week affair.

    My questions:

    1. Is it possible to have him send me a scanned copy of the things I need from him?

    2. We have no pictures, but 80% of our conversations have been saved from last year to today and on different messaging platforms (Skype, Facebook, Steam). Would that be enough as proof of relationship?

    3. Also, since we’re already preparing documents for the marriage, would an Affidavit of Parent’s advice (for ages 21-25, we have to prepare it for the marriage license. It means that we sought advice from our parents informing them that we intend to get married) from both parties be enough as proof of relationship as well?

    4. I wouldn’t want to buy the round-trip ticket beforehand to avoid wasting money, and my fiance will pay for it. So is a COE, a handwritten letter from my company informing them of my return, and a copy of leave of absence enough to assure the Consul?

    5. If it would help, since he will be returning with me on my last day, would a photocopy of his passport and airline ticket help?

    6. In your opinion, do you think if I presented all of these, the visa will be approved ASAP? Do you think it might take less than a month? (If we’ll be waiting for his passport to arrive and ticket, then we can file for the visa most likely a month to two weeks before my travel date which is in last week of June /first week of July.)


  14. Monette Olivar says:

    Hello, nag apply me last week ng tourist visa. Na deny ako. Hindi pa nman ako nainterview. By the way ang nag invite sa akin un hipag ko na may asaswa hapon all requirements submitted kasama sa invite nya un byenan ko na age 80 bali ako makasama nun makaalis para alalay nya. but sya na approved ako hindi. dun sa pinuntahan ko agency nag pass po kami ng requirements at nagbayad tapos nag personal appearance ako tapos after 1 week deny na ako pero ang byenan ko approved. tapos di pa naman ako nainterview…


  15. gel says:

    pag magpapakuha po sa professional na photographer, ano po dapat ang kulay ng background?


    1. The background should be white, and you should also wear a collared shirt or coat.


  16. gel says:

    sa picture po, ano po dapat ang kulay ng background?


  17. arlen says:

    my dauhter aply viza to visit me here in japan,she always deny,now she aply again almost 3weeks already but no reply


  18. Riza says:

    Ilang days po ba ang mag antay ng result kasi mula ng pinasok ko 10 days na po ngaun mula ng pinasok ko mga papeles ko sa agency papunta ng japan


  19. Kimmy Chloe Gito says:

    Good eve po Maam Rose..Tourist Visa Holder na po ko going to Japan,,kaso yong purpose po sana namin na ng apply ng tourist visa ay makapagtrabaho sa Japan,pero nalaman namin na hindi pwede at kahit mgpa extend ng stay di rin pwede,binigay lang kasi sa akin 15 days lenght of stay…May ibang options pa kaya na pwede kong gawin?pwede kaya akong mg apply ng student visa while yong 15 days ko na stay hindi pa natapos para hindi lang ako makauwi sa balik sa Pilipinas..?..wait ko po ng opinion nyo…Thanks…


    1. Hi! Unfortunately using a tourist visa to enter Japan to apply for a job is against the rules; work visas are processed for you by your company once you are already hired — usually while you are still in the Philippines. Sorry 😦


  20. Karla says:

    How much show money is needed to get visa for japan? We will travel with my boyfriend and we have a joint account, is it acceptable that we have only one bank certificate? Thanks.


    1. The ballpark figure is PhP 100K per person; joint accounts are acceptable as are foreign currency accounts.


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