How to Make Kakigoori


How to Make Kakigoori

Kakigoori (literally “flaked ice”) are shaved ice treats served in restaurants, on street corners, and along paths to parks or temples so that the Japanese can beat the muggy summer heat.

Kakigoori is also most probably one of the precursors of our very own halo-halo, since several basic ingredients such as shaved ice, milk, and sweet beans are common to both icy treats.

If you feel the need to mix it up a little and opt for kakigoori instead of your mom’s halo-halo, here are some easy instructions to follow:

You will need:

– a device that will crush ice to the desired consistency (this can be either electric or manual)
– flavored kakigoori syrup (you can get these at specialty Japanese supermarkets)

flavors include: green tea, strawberry, melon, blue hawaii, lemon, etc.

– canned condensed milk
– sliced fruit or Japanese red bean paste

To assemble your kakigoori:

– shave or crush the ice (depending on the device used) to a fine, almost snowy consistency
– top with kakigoori syrup (using a squeeze bottle helps)
– pour as much condensed milk as you like down the sides
– top with sliced fruit, red bean paste, even ice cream if you like

Of course, if you’re lazy like me, you can just hop on over to your nearest Japanese restaurant and have it prepared by experts. My favorite place for kakigoori is Hana in Little Tokyo, where less that a hundred pesos buys you a delicious summer day treat that will keep you cool all day long.

Thanks to Kaoko of Kitchen Cow for the delicious photo of Hana’s Uji Kintoki special red bean kakigoori.

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  1. n ix says:

    Just went to Chotto Stop and the nearby Jap grocery yesterday to ask if they have the kakigoori flavoring (I saw it a few months back in Chotto stop)…unfortunately its out of stock now T.T


    1. demand is high during hot summer months — try NEW HATCHIN if CHOTTO STOP is out of stock 🙂


  2. Xine says:

    Will visit Hana soon, kakigoori looks yum! They have good takoyaki too, yes?


    1. yes, they do! 😀


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