New Releases from Kotobukiya 11.0

New Releases from Kotobukiya 11.0

Announced back in March, the soon-to-be-released Ghostbusters Lucy Bishoujo Statue has been revised with new colors to more accurately portray her unique, ghost-busting personality.

A new recruit to the team, Lucy likes to muck about NYC outfitted in the Ghostbusters’ signature Proton Pack and Ecto Goggles. She likes getting into a spot of trouble every now and then, as shown by cocky smile and her ripped trousers.

Ghostbuster Lucy is the latest character brought to life with Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo collection, based on original designs by master illustrator, Yamashita Shunya.

Sculpted by Takahashi Masahiro, Lucy stands nearly 9 inches tall atop a specially designed base uniquely accented with a manhole cover donning the Ghostbuster logo.

Lucy will be available by August 2011, with her SRP soon to be announced. Kotobukiya products are available from the KOTOUS Online Store, or from your favorite local collectibles store.

Thanks to Dan of Kotobukiya for the advanced information.

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