Keep Calm and Carry On.


Keep Calm and Carry On.

This post concludes our The Queen is Dead trilogy (or saga, if you prefer that — semantics schemantics~).

I was privy to the prank the whole time. And now that that’s out of the way, feel free to send hate mail via the Contact page. Mail will be read, but not responded to — for both our sakes 😀

And the lesson for today, kids: 1) don’t trust the internet, especially anytime near April Fools; 2) don’t overreact to anything online — your offline snit will be gone and forgotten in mere hours, but the internet never forgets; and 3) it’s Friday – you gotta make up your mind on which seat you can take.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. MarkPoa says:

    How dares you!?!? How dares you call it a trilogy when there are only TWO posts?!? Shouldn’t it be THREE?!?


  2. MarkPoa says:

    Oh, wait… you meant this one is the third one. Oops, carry on.


  3. LOL yes, my good chap — carry on~


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