Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention 2010 Event Report

Singapore rounds out the South East Asia convention circuit with the 2010 Toy, Games, and Comic Convention, held at the Suntec City Convention Center from the 10th to the 12th of December 2010. STGCC was organized by Reed Exhibitions, and is a sister event of the New York Comic Con and the New York Anime Festival.

The event featured a truckload of special guests, including Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski and Leinil Yua and DC’s David Lloyd. For us especially, we were thrilled by the appearance of designer toy superstars Simone Legno (Tokidoki), Mori Chack (Gloomy Bear), and Koto Nishiyama and Shinichiro Kitai (DEVILROBOTS) on the guest list.

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den

We just narrowly missed a second meeting with one of their marquee performers — the wonderful girls from AKB48, due to flight scheduling difficulties on our end. According to reports from other blogs however, the girls were once again gracious and animated during their interviews, and gave their absolute best during the fan event.

We weren’t too upset by the loss of the opportunity though, as the event more than made up for it with the tonne of prizes they gave out to all attendees. Early birds received Ghostbuster minimates and Animax goodie bags, while winners of the hourly giveaways received capsule toys, posters, T-shirts, lanyards and USB sticks given out by event sponsors and exhibitors.

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den

Some of the things we always look forward to at toy conventions are the merchandise. STGCC certainly did not disappoint, with a wide array of official merchandisers and third party sellers populating the dealers floor. One of the booths that really caught our eye was the booth selling customized Pullip figures — they were especially lovely since I collect Tae Yang figures myself.

We were also very impressed by the artists and circles along the doujinshi alley — selling their indie comic works and large-format full-color illustrations. Some of these circles we already saw at the recently concluded AFA X, but others were completely new and we hope to see them again at future events.

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den

STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den      STGCC 2010 Golgolak's Den


STGCC was very well-organized and went on without a hitch, but there are still some small things that I’d like to point out. For one thing, some of the guests on the event promos were not able to show up for their slated panels, owing to flight difficulties to and from Europe. Nothing much could be done about that but I’m sure some fans were disappointed by what happened.

Another thing was the seemingly low turn-out of attendees especially on the final day. I do not think this is a reflection on the organizers and the kind of job they did (which was excellent), rather I see this as a sign that the comic book fans in Singapore are not as gung-ho about cons as their anime and cosplay counterparts.

Perhaps a few more years down the road, and we’ll see the same turn-out as the other pop culture cons in the region. I certainly hope that Reed and the STGCC organizers stick it out with us a little longer and wait for the numbers to grow. This is a quality event and I will certainly be very sorry to see it go the way of Games Convention Asia, which folded just this year (I was able to attend their final event last year).

Congratulations to the STGCC guys, and see you all again next year!

Thank you very much to Reed and the STGCC people. Thank you also to Jimmy of Golgolak’s Den for becoming the official photographer for during STGCC 2010.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. dementedchris says:

    Designer toys galore! How expensive were the custom Pullips there?


  2. very pricey, i suppose — about 2x or 3x of their original prices, but the level of craftmanship deserves those prices.

    i’m just not overly fond of the color scheme they picked.


  3. kaika says:

    The rather empty turn out on the final day was really due to the clash with EOY, another pretty big annual cosplay event. And since STGCC started on friday, many other fans choose to go to EOY instead on the final day .

    But I heard from my booth holding friends that the final day patrons were definitely the ones with the higher spending power.


  4. thanks for the insight, kaika! i was honestly not aware that there was another event scheduled for sunday. but yes, i have to admit, the ones who did showed up practically cleaned house. so no big loss there, aight?


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