Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report

In the latter half this year, disbanded Japanese super group Luna Sea announced their comeback and first ever world tour from November to December 2010. Entitled “Reboot to the New Moon”, the band held performances in Germany (24th November 2010), the United States (4th December 2010), and Hong Kong (11th December 2010); the tour will move on to Taiwan (18th December 2010), and will be finally capped off by two nights in Tokyo Dome (23rd and 24th December 2010).

A small band of dedicated Slaves from Manila took the early flight from Manila to Hong Kong on the same day for the concert. Angel, Mia, Rael, and I touched down a little before 8:00 AM at Hong Kong International Airport, and after some food and shopping we showed up at Asia World Expo at around 15:00 PM to queue for goods.

Compared to the horrific line from the L’Arc~en~Ciel gig where we queued at 14:00 PM, got to the front of the line at 16:00, and were not able to purchase several sold-out items, the line for the tour goods at the LUNA SEA concert was short and sweet. It took us one half hour of waiting to get our goods, and we were able to purchase everything we wanted.

On sale was towels, wrist bands, a fleece hoodie, a tote bag, a pamphlet, a poster set, and a Hong Kong limited t-shirt. We were also able to line up for up to three more times to get doubles and other stuff we didn’t get the first time around.

Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report      Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report

Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report      Luna.

After the goods line was a long and somewhat tense four-hour wait for the concert to start. Fans trickled in pairs or small groups — in stark contrast to the frenzied crowd at the Laruku gig. I have to admit that I was personally very nervous for our boys because it would be such a tragedy if they did not manage to fill up the arena. However, all my worrying was for naught as we later discovered that the hall was filled to almost capacity.

At Asia World’s concourse section, longtime LiveJournal friend and fellow Luna Sea addict Maya found me in a sea of faces, which resulted in an eruption of hugs and exclamations of delight. Maya helped me secure my tickets to the 2007 gig One Night Dejavu, and it was simply amazing how we keep running into each other during Luna Sea gigs.

When the entire lot was finally herded into the hall, it was another antsy fifteen-minute wait for the gig to start. We had absolutely fantastic seats over at Section 3, Inoran/J side — we were close enough to see all their faces, but far enough to not get blasted to kingdom come by the oversized concert speakers.

In the middle of one of the techno-rock tracks played by the sound people, the music suddenly cut out and the entire hall was plunged into darkness — and then the frenzied screaming of thousands of Luna Sea fans began.

Luna Sea World Tour
~Reboot to the New Moon~
Live in Hong Kong

Set List

Drum Solo
Bass Solo



LOVELESS was the very same track they opened One Night Dejavu with, and hearing it live always reminds me of coming home. This was quickly followed by earth-shattering performances of Deja Vu and G — which is a real treat as G has only been played in the Hong Kong live so far. During the song, Inoran and J did their signature guitar sex battle before spinning away from each other — sending this fangirl into spasms.

The band also played FACE TO FACE as a tribute to their fans — as frontman Kawamura Ryuichi put it, “(We’ve) been looking forward to seeing your faces again for a very long time.”

Cheers erupted as the band played the opening chords of gravity, and even several miscues by Ryu did not lessen the impact of one of their most powerful songs. Providence was once again a showcase of Sugizo’s considerable violin skills, and an epic extended version of GENESIS OF MIND gave the crowd a taste of LUNA SEA during their Machida Playhouse days.

Shinya’s drum solo was as energetic as ever — as if the forty-year-old rocker wasn’t tired out siring all those lovely daughters of his in between Shuumaku and today. J on the other hand was the epitome of punk rock cool, as he launched himself into a punishing bass solo — complete with Sid Vicious-like chants and fist pumps.

Close to the end of the gig, the opening bars to ROSIER sent the entire crowd to its feet. One of LUNA SEA’s first and most beloved chart hits, it has a very special place in my heart as the very first LUNA SEA track I heard and memorized the lyrics to. The entire arena screamed along to Ryuichi and J — who flung his mike stand to the back of the stage just like every other time he sang the bridge to ROSIER.

Their final song of the night was TONIGHT, and it was a fitting end to a gig that was over ten years in the making.

Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report      Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report

Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report      Luna Sea World Tour ~Reboot to the New Moon~ Live in Hong Kong Event Report.

As the lights dimmed down, fans started calling for an encore — screaming in encouragement and stamping their feet on the floor boards. This actually caught me by surprise as encore calls in Tokyo and Manila are completely different — this tiny slice of local culture simply made the gig more special. Apparently the band thought so too as five minutes into the encore call, LUNA SEA came back out to play three more songs.

Sugizo’s initial chords for I FOR YOU – opening theme to landmark TV drama Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake and their biggest pop hit, was met with excited screams by the largely-female fanbase. The final song of the encore WISH was punctuated by bright lights and synchronized fist-pumping, although I was caught out by the lack of exploding ribbon that you get at Tokyo lives – even the film gigs ^^;;

That minor disappointment aside, the gig was absolutely fantastic, and I am beyond ecstatic for the opportunity to see the band that is such a huge part of my life, get back together to play again.

Luna Sea has also recently announced an additional night at Tokyo Dome – on 25th December 2010. Dubbed LUNACY “Kurofuku Gentei” (Black Outfit Limited) – the gig is absolutely free to the 55,000 fans picked via online lottery (foreign fans are included in the lottery via an English-language sign-up form). All fans are required to show up at the gig in black clothing only.

Luna Sea has also announced a New Year Countdown gig in Kobe to ring in 2011. Tickets are currently on sale via eplus.

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  1. miya says:

    Woohoooo! 😀

    The event organizer in me wonders though: based on the crowd milling about outside, it looked as if they’d cap it at 65-70% capacity. I wonder how they got the people to fill in the box seats. I hope they’re friends of fans or random passerby who actually paid for their ticket, and that they did not have to resort to giving tix for free…>_> It was surprising to see that they filled up the box seats that fast, considering how a whole afternoon passed and the hall was barely bustling.

    But no matter, it was full, it was funtastic, and hope this encourages them to perform in HK again!


  2. there were plenty of stragglers coming in from the late afternoon flights, so i guess those made up a huge chunk of the people we didn’t see there earlier in the afternoon~


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