The E-mook Review Series: Yves Saint Laurent V2

Yves Saint Laurent

Another e-mook I picked up in Hong Kong is the new YSL e-mook, a follow-up to the previous year’s fantastic fall freebie. Just like its predecessor, this is a keeper worth every cent spent on it.

The magazine once again features YSL’s cosmetic line, with a four page photo spread and interview with famous Japanese women, including authors, business leaders, and actresses. It’s a nice mix of beautiful older women — if a little heavy on the model-actress side, but the mere fact that they featured professionals alongside ingenues is reason enough to praise the book.

As for the bag itself — it has a pretty tough act to follow, since the previous version was the number one best-selling e-mook from last year. The e-mook planners gave a lot of thought in to making the follow up, and it shows in the classy design and careful construction of the midsized tote.

It’s made from the same high-quality canvas material and lined with the same pretty pink cotton as last year’s YSL furoku, but sports a shiny black bow across the top — making it look a little like a tube top. The seams are sewn very cleanly and securely, and the bag can lift quite a load despite it’s size; a ten-inch netbook in its case plus accessories like a mouse and a power adapter can be carried around with ease.

However, I have to be honest, and say that the new tote is a bit of a letdown, especially if you already have the gold-embroidered version from last year. Last year’s larger size and slightly longer straps are more practical for someone who lugs around a DSLR for a quick dash to the mall to eat pancakes — like me! The new YSL tote is a little too dainty for me, and while it might be nice, it’s not my thing.

For a limited time only, purchase your own YSL e-mook from the Shop for just PhP 1200 or USD 28. Pre-orders are welcome on or before 10 December 2010. For orders or inquiries, please check out the Shop page for complete instructions. Happy Christmas shopping!

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