Opening of Japan’s First BL Cafe Announced


Miracle Jump BL Cafe

Again via ANN, Japanese theme cafe operator KT Systems has announced a second concept dining experience to complement their current cosplay cafe Little BSD; the new restaurant will be a BL-themed cafe called Miracle Jump.

Unlike butler cafes like The Swallowtail, cross-dress butler cafes like the recently-closed B: Lily-Rose, or host bars in the Kabukicho area, Miracle Jump — located in Tokyo’s Akihabara district (but not Ikebukuro, curiously enough), has been specifically designed to cater to BL fans.

At Miracle Jump, costumed wait staff will oblige the boys love fantasies of their fujoushi and fudanshi guests alike. There will also be an augmented reality experience where fictional 2D waiters from the cafe interact with guests via their website. The cafe will officially open on 30th May 2010.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Judith says:

    This is so osm I don’t even know how to react aside from keysmashing and flailing. XD

    I do hope this won’t close anytime soon; I HAVE to visit that cafe.


  2. I do hope this won’t close anytime soon; I HAVE to visit that cafe.

    ah, that’s a real danger with theme cafes. once they’ve lost their novelty and/or are unable to maintain their unique cafe concept, they just fold up. it’s a shame really — after all, some of them were very successful despite being theme cafes (like B: LILY-ROSE).


  3. chelli says:

    if i get to go nov/dec this year i am so there!!!


  4. oh lol — if they let you, take plenty of pictures!!!


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