Get a full body workout with Para Para Paradise!

Para Para Paradise

As much as I love Dance Dance Revolution, many of the folks who are really good at it are basically jumping all over the place and hanging on to the rear support bar for dear life — you’ll probably end up with legs like tree trunks and scrawny arms. Not so with Para Para Paradise. Developed as a game simulator for the Japanese Para Para dance craze, PPP gets your entire body moving in a way neither DDR nor Dance Maniax can.

Working on the same principle as DDR, you have five motion sensors mounted on a beam above your head that you have to trigger with your hands in time to the music. In keeping with the Para Para dance steps, you also have to do a right-left two step while doing the hand movements.

PPP features fastpaced Eurobeat tunes the likes of which are on the Initial D soundtracks and the Club Velfarre CD collections, so there could be a steep learning curve. If you’re a newbie just starting out, better stick to the more casual Para Para mode and leave the frenetic Freestyle mode to the veterans.

If you want to play PPP you might need to do a bit of searching to find a machine. Bemani produced only a couple hundred units (unlike their more popular cousins DDR and Drum Mania), and just a handful of these made it to Philippines shores. There have been several units in use locally, but they’ve been shifted around so often that it’s hard to keep track of where they are.

Two recent sightings have been at SM Manila and at Robinsons Galleria, so if you plan on getting a workout, these two places would be a good place to start the hunt. And if you find an more of them in good condition — let me know! I think a long drive isn’t to much of a hassle for a good game or two.

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  1. Madz says:

    Yay for the post! I’m a big fan of dance simulation games (my fave’s DMX). Anyway, there’s one at SM North and I believe Isettan Recto have an old PPP machine (last time I checked, its still working).

    There’s one at Rob Galleria? Have to check that later.


  2. brilliant — two more places to track down a machine; thanks for the heads up! 🙂


  3. GC BOY says:

    Hayyyy! Thanks for the locations of these machines! This games are now very rare!!!!!!


  4. julia says:

    heyyy, is this machine still available at robinson galleria??
    i really want to play T.T


    1. Unfortunately, most machines have already been decommissioned 😦


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