ABS-CBN Airs Gintama Out of Order, Angers Fans

Gintama ABS-CBN FaceBook

Surreal slapstick comedy anime Gintama has started airing on terrestrial channel ABS-CBN to the delight of local fans.

However, much to their disappointment, the episodes were shown out of numeric order, in an attempt by the channel to make the storytelling of the show “more linear”.

After comments decrying the apparent butchering of the series were left by Gintama fans on the channel’s Facebook account, ABS-CBN has released an official statement regarding the issue.

Initial Focus Group Discussion results showed that with the original order of the episodes, majority of our mass viewers couldn’t understand how the storytelling unfolded due to its non-linear storytelling and format. … A compromise had to be done on the first week just to get the show on air.

With that statement, the show is still currently running out-of-order. Fans have left even more acidic comments on the aforementioned Facebook account, including barbs about their main rival on the local anime scene, recently reformatted TV5.

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  1. mhean says:

    yeah but even if it’s not in order it’s fun to watch it!!!


  2. gintoki says:

    i don’t agree that gintama should be translated with other languages like filipino, because the translation makes the anime lose the essence of its jokes…


    1. ooooookay. tell me gintoki — do you speak japanese well enough to understand the jokes without any translations (english subtitles included) whatsoever?


  3. BiANChi says:

    well, I guess “gintoki-san” is right, the essence of the japanese jokes are made for the japanese people. such as using two or more different words that have the same (or sound alike) or even reading a kanji can be used for the comedic essence of the anime (like in YAKITATE!! JAPAN). even though a viewer is not very fluent in japanese, translation notes help a lot! :]

    but then, getting them translated in Filipino still leaves a hilarious impact on the Filipino viewers.


    1. yes, i know that the series was created with the japanese audience in mind so no matter how hard you try not all the jokes will come across perfectly. what i am leery off with the previous comment was the seemingly wholesale banning of foreign language translations of gintama without any valid reason whatsoever.

      if he were a native japanese speaker then that in itself would count as a reason, but from what i gather (since he refused to elaborate further after his comment) is that he himself relies on the english subtitled version, and if so he has no right to demand that the filipino version be halted just because he said so.

      lastly — you said so yourself that “translation notes help a lot”, and yet you agree with “gintoki” that gintama should not be translated at all. that doesn’t make a lot of sense since you are rooting for both sides of the arguement at the same time. try to sort out your comments first and then let’s hold a discussion.


  4. kenryoku says:

    I wonder if they will do the same to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. <inner voice says: "Of course, they would".

    And oh, re: the commentaries, RAWR!

    Peace! 🙂


  5. ludwig says:

    they should air again gintama because it’s very funny, especially in Filipino language, we were watching it every episodes until it was stop (sobs)…


  6. julz pogi says:

    Let Gorilla sensei and ABS CBN talk about that. There is a law now in Japan called Parody Laws. Gintama parodies shows that shown in Japan and published in Shonen Jump but not aired by ABS CBN. Most of Jump’s shows are aired by ABS CBN’s rival GMA 7 like Dragon Ball and One Piece. Only Naruto is safe because its ABS CBN’s star anime. And Studio Sunrise scrapped Gintama due to the law.


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