Megumi Nakajima Vocaloid “Megpoid” Official Character Design Released


Megumi Nakajima Ranka Lee Megpoid Rankaloid Gumi Vocaloid seiyuu

After news broke out that half-Filipina half-Japanese voice actress Nakajima Megumi of Macross Frontier fame will the basis of a new Vocaloid package release by SSW, speculation has been rife as to her character design.

“Megpoid”, as the package is now known, has unveiled its official box art of “Gumi” — Megumi Nakajima’s character, on the SSW website. The design was created by Patlabor and Birdy the Mighty artist Yuuki Masami.

Bearing more than just a striking resemblance to the character design of Nakajima’s breakout role Ranka Lee, artists and Vocaloid fans have started flooding image boards and internet forums with artwork showing the two.

Megpoid also shares quite a few traits with one of Ragnarok Online’s Kafra.

Nakajima Megumi first appeared on the radar as part of the cast in Shouji Kawamori’s special 25th anniversary addition to his seminal work, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

SSW is a Vocaloid voice package producer whose first release is the now-iconic GACKPOID, developed with the voice of Japanese pop star and former MALICE MIZER front man GACKT.

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