JUN PLANNING Goes Bankrupt


Jun Planning bankrupt Groove Pullip Tae Yang Dal

Coincidence or not, after yesterday’s article on Pullip dolls, it’s been discovered that Japanese distributor JUN PLANNING has announced its bankruptcy.

JUN PLANNING officially shut down all operations on 30th April 2009, and then made their bankruptcy public on 11th May 2009. The company has over JPY 3.2B in debt.

The closure has affected the distribution of dolls slated for sale in March 2009. However, the dolls will still be released. The Pullip division of JUN PLANNING has been transferred to their new distributor GROOVE INC. GROOVE INC is spearheaded by doll designer Ms. Mango Park; their official website can be found here.

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  1. Debra says:

    Where does one go to file a complaint for inferiors products and poor workmanship? The dolls “melt” when parts touch, and they do not warn you about this. They stain, and even the new one MIR arrived STAINED!!!!!! She is new just out this week and arrived STAINED!!!! Their reps in the states totally remove themselves from any responsibility and damn if I am going to pay out 100 for this crap and not say something. So they had better make themselves more accessible and handle these matters!!!!


  2. hi again debra. if you need to file a formal complaint regarding the quality of the products you’ve received, i suggest you contact the distributors (VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, MAGMA HERITAGE, GROOVE INC., etc.). i’m afraid that i won’t be able to help you as i am a collector myself, and not connected to the supply chain in any way whatsoever. cheers!


  3. Aleksandra says:

    Hi. I’ve seen the dolls from groove and jun planning and I think they are beautiful. I live in Virginia and I wanted to know how I could buy one from here because there was one that I love. Her name is Choya. I’m pretty sure it’s by one person by the name of Akane on Flickr. I love the pictures and I wanted to know how to buy her. Please answer back soon. I’m really looking forward to getting one like Choya


    1. I know that there are several USA-based mail-order companies for Pullip dolls, but I can’t point you in the direction of a good one because I don’t have any first-hand experience with US stores 😦 I get mine shipped in from Japan and Singapore ^^;;


  4. Roberto says:

    Hi magnetic_rose: I’m a sender for the package and I don’t like to pay tax and duty in the philippines… I want my package back do I still pay the tax and duty even it return to sender?? ASAP please….


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