2009 JAL Scholarship Programme


2009 JAL Scholarship Programme

The Japan Airlines Scholarship Programme is an annual short-term scholarship programme that selects young individuals from eleven Asia Pacific countries (including the Philippines) to fly to Japan and take part in lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities centered around a main theme.

The theme for the 2009 Programme is “International Cooperation — its achievements and drawbacks.”

The JAL Scholarship Programme will run from the 29th of June to the 15th of July, 2009. Programme participants will be based mainly in Tokyo, but will also fly to Ishikawa City in Kanazawa Prefecture for the Asia Forum, as well as homestay in other locations. During their stay with the Programme, participants are encouraged to learn more about the culture and society of Japan, as well as those of their fellow Scholars.

The JAL Foundation and Japan Airlines will shoulder airline tickets to and from Japan, as well as transport, accommodations, and insurance costs of all Scholars during the length of the Programme.

Prospective applicants to the JAL Scholarship Programme must satisfy a basic criteria, such as:

• The applicant must be a Filipino citizen, and is an undergraduate or post graduate student of a recognized Philippine college or university;
• The applicant must be 18 to 24 years old when the program commences;
• The applicant must have an interest in social contribution and environmental issues;
• The applicant must have good physical and mental health;
• The applicant must have an interest in Japan and be willing to experience Japanese culture and customs;
• The applicant must have a strong command of English (if the applicant has taken TOEIC or TOFEL examinations, please provide results).

College and University students who have satisfied the above criteria, and wish to apply for the Programme, are asked to submit the following requirements:

• Write an essay in English that centers around the theme “International Cooperation — its achievements and drawbacks”; the essay should not exceed 800 words, and must be typewritten or printed in double-space on a standard A4 sheet;

• Five copies of the essay must be produced and submitted without any identifying marks whatsoever;

• Submit a sealed envelope containing a sixth copy of the essay bearing the applicant’s signature, plus the applicant’s bio-data complete with signature, two 2×2 ID pictures with the applicant’s name written in the back, and a copy of the applicant’s latest certificate of enrollment from their college or university.

Applications may be hand-carried or sent via courier to The JAL Scholarship Programme, Japan Airlines, 2nd Floor Oledan Square, 6788 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226, Metro Manila (MAP) on or before 20th March 2009. For inquiries and clarifications, you may contact Ms. Rosalie Bailon at 02-886-6991 (phone) or 02-886-7000 (fax).

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  1. Daniel Wong says:

    The applicant must be at least 20 years old when the program commences.


  2. Hello, Mr. Wong — and thank you for concern by pointing out the slight difference in the minimum age requirement for the JAL Scholarship Programme for Philippine applicants, compared with other SEA nations.

    I have been in touch with the local office to check if there has been special revisions made to the rules to accommodate Philippine scholars (due to the fact that the normal schooling ages for college and university students in the Philippines is sixteen to twenty-four), and they have confirmed that students aged eighteen to twenty-four are qualified.

    Thank you very much again, and we wish the Programme and all those involved the best of luck.

    Sincerely, Rochelle


  3. madhatter says:


    When will they announce the winners?


    1. finalists will be contacted via phone or email with details on the panel interview, which is set for the third week of april (or thereabouts). results will be announced on the same day. the new scholars will be presented to the foundation and JAL scholarship alumni for a testimonial dinner sometime in june or july.


  4. Rheijhie says:

    I was able to submit my application. I hope that I could be chosen as a participant of this programme. (^_^)


  5. good luck with the final interview, rheijie 🙂


  6. Dyan says:

    For clarification, post graduates can also join? Well good, since I missed my chance now. T__T


  7. yep — it says so in the very first line of the criteria for qualification 🙂 but since the competition is over, i guess it’s better luck next year? cheers!


  8. mira says:

    when will the 2010 come?


  9. in 2010 😀 just watch out for announcement from the local JAL FOUNDATION office. cheers!


  10. mira says:

    ^^ i wanna study there….(T_T)


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