Documentary Films — Trans Asia via Paris by L’Arc~en~Ciel


The Hong-Li Effect: Good Uses for Bad Model Kits

Last May 2008, Filipino fans of Japanese superband L’ Arc~en~Ciel flew to Hong Kong to catch the HK legs of Trans Asia via Paris. During the event, film crews went around the throngs of people waiting in line, interviewing fans and taking footage of the unbelievable collection of people from all over the South East Asian region.

The wait is finally over, and now we can get to see which footage survived the cutting room floor, to make it to the Documentary Special of Trans Asia via Paris. The especially packaged first press edition is already on every fan’s wishlist, and scene watchers anticipate that the DVD will be another smash hit for the band.

L’ Arc~en~Ciel is composed to Hyde (vocals), Tetsu (bass), Ken (guitars), and Yukihiro (drums). The band is one of the most internationally successful Japanese acts, playing to sold out gigs in Asia, Europe, and the US. They have sold hundreds of thousands of albums in a career that has spanned well over a decade. Their CDs and DVDs are available online at CDJAPAN, which ships items directly sourced from Japan to the Philippines. Drop by the site and feed your LARUKU addiction >:D

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  1. minamic says:

    Yey! 😀 i hope the bit with the Ongaku tarp made it to the docu!!! *pompoms* i’m definitely going to get a copy though. XD


  2. lol so do i, sheila — i would totally buy multiply copies of that just to give away in a massive raffle! XD


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