Welcome Wacchan into Your Home as “Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-” Streams 4th Sept!

With AFA STATION Festival Online coming at you this weekend, let’s kick it off with a bang by tuning in to “Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-“, a live concert that will be streamed on the AFA STATION platform 4th September 2020, 18:00 GMT +8 (SGT)! Do note that this concert is limited to viewers residing in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Wataru Hatano is a popular singer and voice actor, with noteworthy roles as Gaku Yaotome from “Idolish7”, Chikage Utsuki from “A3!”, Gon Noda from “Uchi Tama!? ~Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka?~”, and other popular characters. His 6th single “You Only Live Once” as “YURI!!! on ICE feat. w.hatano” became the ending theme of the hit TV anime “YURI!!! on ICE”, where he also played one of the characters Georgi Popovich.

You can also relive the concert experience with official “Wataru Hatano “Online” Live 2020 -ReIntro-” merchandise exclusively via AFASHOP.co! Check out different versions of the official tees and rubber straps, as well as a tote bag and a towel — pre-orders end 6th September so don’t wait!

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