UP Tomo-Kai Presents Hanakotoba [花詞]


Hanakotoba [花詞] /n/ language of flowers; flower symbolism

The kanji for ‘hana’, 花 means flower while the kanji for ‘kotoba’, 詞 means part of speech, words, or poetry. With this, we can also read hanakotoba as “poetry of flowers”. The featured flower here is an anemone which in hanakotoba, means sincerity.

UP Tomo-Kai Presents Hanakotoba [花詞]

In celebration of their 25th year, UP Tomo-Kai would like to present with utmost sincerity, “Hanakotoba: Poetry of Flowers”. Check out what’s in store this coming April 2016.

magnetic-rose.net is an Official Media Partner of Hanakotoba.

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