The Seven Deadly Sins Curry Gift Set: A Taste Test

The Japanese generally love giving and receiving food items as presents, and that includes the loneliest of hikikomori who live on convenience store bento and pre-prepared meals. Put those two intrinsically Japanese traits together, and you get the The Seven Deadly Sins Curry Gift Set.


The set comes in a decorative box that includes three variants of Japanese-style curry: Sweet, Regular, and Hot. There is also a bonus A4 clear file that comes in random designs. Ours came with a clear file featuring Pride, one of the characters in the series.


We decided to give the Regular variant a try. We opened the pack, poured the contents into a small bowl, and heated it up for two minutes on a microwave oven set on high. It splattered a little inside the microwave oven while being heated, but over all we had no problems.


The Regular curry from the The Seven Deadly Sins Curry Gift Set was actually sweeter than we expected, when compared with our previous experiences with Japanese curry both freshly-prepared and pre-prepared. It turns out that the spice mix all settled at the bottom of the bowl, making the top layer sweeter than it should have been.


The flavor and consistency was nothing extraordinary — not too bad, but not terrible either. It was consistent taste and texture as other “themed” retort pack curry such as Kamen Rider curry, Gundam curry, or Pokemon curry — which leads us to assumes that most anime curry gift sets are produced by the same manufacturer.


Overall, it’s a pretty unique and memorable gift set, from one of the sexiest series to come out of Japan in recent years.

Protip: mix the curry well in the bowl with a spoon before placing it in the microwave to heat, and give it an extra stir after taking it out of the microwave to serve. This distribute the spices and makes sure that your curry is not too sweet on top and too spicy on the bottom.

Thanks to Great Toys Online for the Seven Deadly Sins Curry Gift Set.

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