Cosplay Mania 14 JAM Concert Special

Missed the first ever JAM Concert? Too bad 😛 But you can console yourself by looking at these awesome concert photos from Erving of CPH. And next year — make sure you buy tickets? :3

Cosplay Mania 14 JAM Concert Special

[AFG_gallery id=’33’]

[AFG_gallery id=’36’]

[AFG_gallery id=’35’]

[AFG_gallery id=’34’] is an Official Media Partner of Cosplay Mania 14.

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  1. kdramadelivery says:

    i see that there are cellphones talking pics/vids around. i recommend that for their next event only official media are allowed vids. this prevents people from focusing on taking pics/vids rather than participating with the concert. that’s why AFA is so fun.


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