Superior Japanese Technology: Or, Skin Care Japanese-Style

Let’s face it, I am not the girliest girl who ever girl-ed — boys who cosplay wear more make up than I do! However, I do remember basic skin care lessons brow-beaten into me by Japanese friends. And while there may be millions of permutations of cleanse-tone-moisturize-and-protect, the important thing is finding the right products for yourself.

Superior Japanese Technology: Or, Skin Care Japanese-Style

For some reason, Japanese products have worked out better for me than even the most expensive Western brands. It could be due to superior Japanese technology, or perhaps Japanese skin care products simply suit Asian skin better. Whatever the reason is, I swear by a number of lines developed and created exclusively in Japan.

My daily ritual is composed of Hada Labo, Hada Labo, and Hada Labo. I kid you not — my face foam is from their Gokujun moisture line, my daily moisturizer and toner are both from their Shirojun whitening line, and my night gel and all-around zit-zapper is from their Koi Gokujun line.

When the inevitable break out happens (I blame Makati’s polluted skyline), I use DHC’s Spot Therapy line to get rid of redness and swelling fast. To prevent even worse break-outs, I follow up with their medicated Acne Care base with SPF 50 (this is the tropics guys — put SPF in everything!).

The big question now is: how do you source these products? The obvious answer would be to stock up while on a trip to Japan (that’s what I do!). You can also purchase Japanese skin care products in places where they are more readily available than the Philippines — places like Hong Kong or Singapore.

Some Japanese brands are also slowly making their way into local drug stores. But, if you are extremely pressed for time and can’t make the short trip , buying online from a local source is your best option. I found some of my favorite women’s beauty products at Zalora — including Hada Labo and DHC products, which are harder to source locally.

Of course, what you use is still a matter of personal choice. You can do what Jin and I do and go the Japanese route. You could also try the American drug store brands route (St. Ives is love!), or even the premium European brands route (UGH GUERLAIN T^T). In the end, the important thing is that you exert the effort to take care of yourself ❤

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