Japan Cracks Down On Piracy: Why It’s Not The End Of The World

Via Crunchyroll: With the cooperation and support of the Japanese anime and manga industry, the Japanese government will initiate a widespread operation dubbed “Manga Anime Guardians” to take down several dozen Chinese sites which have illegally uploaded anime and manga contents on the web.

Japan Cracks Down On Piracy: Why It's Not The End Of The World

ANN also reports that hand in hand with the crackdown, a service called Manga-Anime Here will also be launched to provide a directory to legal purchase and download options, for anime and manga fans who have been solely relying on these piracy sites.

But what does this all mean for you, the Filipino anime or manga fan? If you were one of thousands of people who used these illegal sites, it just means you have to look for alternative sources for your anime or manga fix elsewhere — hopefully, through more legal means.

Personally, I think that we should all be doing our part to help the Japanese animation industry. Instead of downloading and seeding illegal copies of their shows, we should try to purchase the shows via digital download, import DVD, or local licensed versions. Let’s not wait for another studio or publisher to go under, just because we are too selfish to cough up the money for their products.

And if you were the sort of fan who tries his or her best to purchase genuine merchandise or licensed products, then you have absolutely nothing to fear from the new crackdown. On the contrary, you should be happy that finally there are concrete steps to get rid of piracy and bootlegging — virtually guaranteeing that your next purchase is 100% authentic.

Got that? Good.

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  1. Momo says:

    Thank you so much for this!

    It really pisses me off that people get their stuff for free (especially since they manage to read the spoilers for the weekly nearly a week before Japan does [usually Wednesday]), and since I’m currently staying in Japan, I have to wait for Monday for my weekly serialization to come out… and everyone else in the world except Japan has finally read the upcoming chapter.

    Seriously, why does Japan have to be the last to know the contents of the weekly, just because they get their copies legally? It’s so unfair.


  2. Rinka says:

    We’re a poor country. Only 10% could afford “buying” DVDs…. Aside from that only a number of those BDs/DVDs actually have subs. I’d buy them, but if I can’t even understand them, what’s the point.

    Oh well, the internet will find a way.


    1. Momo says:

      People like you are exactly the reason why this whole crackdown started because you’re “too poor” to reward people’s efforts for bringing manga and anime to you.

      I’m not rich, but at least I have enough sense to save up and buy DVD/BD of my favorite series because I want all the people who worked hard to give me the series that I enjoy the money that they deserve.

      This is also the reason why Japan has been reluctant to export their anime and manga series; if people are going to pirate, why bother? The Japanese have enough sense to buy merchandise to support their fandom, and thanks to them, the industry manages to stay afloat.

      Lastly, stop giving the whole “I’m too poor to afford boo-fucking-hoo” excuse; it’s lame.

      Kapag ginusto, may paraan. Kapag ayaw, maraming dahilan.


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