2014 Philippine Cosplay Convention Day 1 Event Report

COSPLAY.PH and HOBBIWORX, INC. in cooperation with Robinsons Place Midtown Manila, upholds a proud tradition with its seventh annual Philippine Cosplay Convention. The free event brought in the crowds with its Individual and Group Cosplay events, as well as with its Cosplay Costume of the Year Awards.

2014 Philippine Cosplay Convention Day 1 Event Report

We weren’t able to stay long enough to see the entire programme, but it was generally smooth and well-paced. There were noticably far less people this year than in previous years, however that did not detract from the variety and quality of costumes on display.

[AFG_gallery id=’15’]

Some of the standouts in the crowd included (what is the first of many) Queen Elsa from the Oscar-winning Disney animated film Frozen, and her equally royal compatriot from the Marvel Universe Queen Dead-sa (Queen El-pool?) We also saw a deep and meaningful conversation being held by a Hollow from BLEACH and No-Face from Spirited Away. Such deep. Very meaning. Wow.

One thing we didn’t appreciate though was a particular con attendee who decided to attend in nothing more than adult diapers and a box over his head. That is not cosplay — that is a desperate cry for help; you’re much better off seeking our psychiatric care rather than subjecting fellow participants and innocent bystanders to your immature display >.>

Thank you very much to the PCC staff for the invitation.

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  1. merane angel says:

    i want to beacome a cosplay


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