Too Old for Toys: A Rant

I received anon hate on my Tumblr (which you will never find HAHAHAHAHAHA) about all the toy haul photos I’ve been posting. Okay, I get that posting photos of stuff you just bought may seem tasteless (which is so prevalent in the age of social media), but why the targeted hate?

Too Old for Toys: A Rant

First of all, everybody and their dogs seem to be doing it — from Danny Choo on his Culture Japan blog to George Takei on his Twitter account. I don’t see why I’m not allowed to do it just because I am neither: a) a popular; nor b) a legitimate celebrity. I was just showing friends back home in Manila what I managed to find on my latest Mandarake trawl — no biggie. I don’t really see how this affects you on such a personal level that you would leave anon hate on what is basically my pr0n blog.

Second of all, I don’t understand what’s with the hate when I have purchased (legitimate) merchandise with my own money (as opposed to getting them for free from some pervy old man who I showed my underwear to cosplayed for). Is this because I am female? Or is it because I am not supposed to be the target market for tits-and-ass statues of female superheroes? News flash: in Japan, girls are the target market; it has something to do with our higher disposable incomes and more dedicated fandoms (KuroBasu! UtaPuri! FREE!!!). Get a clue.

Last but not least, it is my disposable income to dispose off as I see fit. If not even my own parents can tell me what to do with my money (day job: look it up), I don’t see how some nameless face behind a computer thinks he or she has the right to question my maturity vis-a-vis my choices in designer vinyl. I pay my vet bills and my taxes and my life insurance and my parent’s doctors fees like a good little girl — if I decide to blow what’s left on a half-naked statue of Sheryl Nome then I have every right to.

TL;DR: up yours. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a Hot Toys Iron Man Mk VII figure to undress ❤

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  1. You tell them! 😀


    1. as;ldas;dlkjs welcome to the internet — where everyone has an opinion on everything including how you live your own life 😐


      1. Cheena says:

        Seriously. Just encountered a bunch of them recently as well. And if you don’t fall into their mold / agree with them, you get labeled as an asshole right away. LOL.


        1. I am okay with being called an asshole to my face — what I am not okay with is hiding behind internet anonymity to personally insult people about things they have no business shoving their noses into.


  2. Gene Akizuki says:

    Nice one. I have the same situation about idiots who says I should be investing my money on something more substantial than toys. Is it wrong to indulge yourself using your hard-earned money once in a while? All I can see is that these people are just jealous and bitter.


    1. The way I see it, it could be: 1) a generation gap (shifting priorites and all that); or 2) as you said, plain old envy 😐


  3. Bella Rei says:

    Hi. I’m curious about your tumblr acct. I’m also into Tumblr. It is my escape. You definitely must have tons of stuffs about Japan. I’d like to follow you on Tumblr.


    1. Hi! Most of the Japan-related stuff is on this blog 🙂 My Tumblr is private and fandom-related posts only ^^;; Sorry ^^;;


  4. Ren says:

    The person is probably just jealous and doesn’t have funds to burn for things he/she likes. XD


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