2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Hide Museum 2013


Continued from 2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Odaiba Gundam.

Our last week in Tokyo was spent madly dashing from one end of the city to another catching museum shows and other mini-events. One of these museum shows was the 2013 edition of the Hide Museum, which was put up at two special locations: Diver City in Tokyo and Universal Studios in Osaka.

The original Hide Museum was opened Yokosuka in 2000, and was closed down in 2005 (two years after its initially scheduled closure in 2003). The contents of the museum are now part of the new traveling exhibition — comprised of original costumes, guitars, and other personal effects.

2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Hide Museum 2013

2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Hide Museum 2013      2013 Tokyo Trip Day 66: Hide Museum 2013

The displays at the Hide Museum 2013 are a curated collection of the best of the best — featuring his most recognizable costumes (Pink Spider, Rocket Dive, etc.) and guitars (including the original pink hearts Mockingbird). There is also BTS movie that features never-before-seen footage from his mucis video shoots and backstage at concerts. The final display is a life-size wax figure of hide, which is oddly appropriate considering one of his labels was called Headwax.

Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the museum, so we only have external shots of the temporary enclosure and Diver City itself. It’s a bummer but it’s completely understandable since they make money off the displays. Still, it would’ve been nice if it was longer or a bit more interactive, as it the brief display does not justify the JPY 2500 tickets.

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