Nominated for Best Otaku Blog

on Nominated for Best Otaku Blog

One of our readers have us a heads-up via the Comments section that we were nominated for the Best Otaku Blog at the Pinoy Otaku Fest!

Thanks so much for the vote of confidence ❤ We hope you can take your support one step further by voting for us in the Finals! You can vote for us up to five times per day (or five times in quick succession per day, if you are so inclined).

Thanks so much again to our readers, friends, and sponsors for supporting through these years 🙂 Best of luck to us all, and hope we bring home the bacon!

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  1. Kira Yamato says:

    Magnetic Rose all the way! You are more better than ANYONE ELSE.. You discuss issues and gives information that is more better than any TH anime blog site..

    I am 100% supporting Magnetic Rose! No one can deny it!


    1. OMG STAHP you’re making me blush ^^;; But seriously, thanks for the vote of confidence! 😀 It’s really gratifying to know that many people value the work we put into the blog, considering that we don’t get paid for it 🙂


  2. Good luck and more power! Through this our group wants to give back to people of the community who works so hard to make the community prosper and people like you are definitely one of them.


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