Maid 2 Travel Day 2 Event Report

Continued from Day 1.

Day 2 at Maid 2 Travel brings more clear skies and cool weather as the loyal maids and butlers of Baguio City dress to impress their lords and ladies at the At Your Service competition.

Featuring a unique format where cosplayers are scored not just on their outfits but also on their roleplay as stylized anime maids and butlers, the competition was both frightfully serious and unexpectedly hilarious in turns.

Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report

Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report      Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report

The stand-outs of the event were not-so-prim-and-proper Akiko-chan and rough-and-ready Maid Guy. Both big and burly men in French maid outfits, they stole the show with their slapstick and tongue-in-cheek humour that left their judges rolling in the aisles gasping for air.

The laughter continued for the rest of the afternoon, as other contests and games were played, including the always funny Facepalm the music, borrowed lovingly from their big brother cons in Manila.

Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report

Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report      Maid 2 Order Day 2 Event Report

Overall the vibe at M2T resembles those of earlier cons in Manila, when the venues were small and all the participants knew each other’s names. That’s not necessarily bad, since it’s a wonderful way of connecting with fellow fans, and that sort of camaraderie easily gets lost in the din of a major Manila convention.

We really enjoyed our foray to Baguio for Maid 2 Travel, and we’d like to congratulate the organizing team for the success of the event. We hope to see everyone again in Baguio City — sooner rather than later.

Photos courtesy of Team Gomen. is an official partner of Maid 2 Travel.

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  1. Kat says:

    So nice to see events like this in Baguio. During my stay there in the late 90s/early 2000s, the anime fandom was very small and we didn’t envision organizing events like this. We had to travel to Manila for that, and it sucked if it happened during school days hehe. Congratulations to everyone involved in this.


    1. It’s so much fun — a throwback to the good ole days šŸ˜€


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