Maid 2 Travel Day 1 Event Report

PNKY Travel Cafe and Gomen’s Maid 2 Travel a special weekend themed event divided into two delicious courses: Japanese Cultural Day on Day 1, and the Maid & Butler Cafe on Day 2. The event was held at scenic PNKY Travel Cafe in beautiful Baguio City.

Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report

Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report      Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report

What makes Maid 2 Travel different from your typical con is the casual hospitality and chill vibe that the entire event emits. There are no horrific lines, no jam-packed aisles, no money-grubbing attractions, and no high-strung fellow con-goers that ruin many Manila cons.

What you get instead are lush outdoor locations perfect for shoots, friendly competition across three different contests, and an informative series of workshops and demos — including an onstage talk by TOrCH 2012 Champions and AFA 2012 Philippine Representatives Adventure Team, on the basics of performance and stage presence.

Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report

Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report      Maid 2 Order Day 1 Event Report

One of the other workshops conducted was our very own lady’s yukata demo called Yukata Kitsune, which brought in participants from both Baguio and Manila (incidentally, did you know that Baguio City is a great place to look for second-hand yukata and kimono?).

The day’s competitions include a cosplay competition and a traditional Japanese attire contest. We were asked to judge the participants for the traditional attire contest, alongside veteran cosplayer Jin, and representatives from the Japanese community in Baguio. The judging was fast and furious, and the winners definitely deserved their wins!

Continued in Day 2. is an official partner of Maid 2 Travel.

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