Win a Trip to Japan with the 2013 International Bento Contest


Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Is a boxed lunch your idea of a blank canvas? Do you have a lifelong love affair with pasta?

If you answer “Yes!” to all three, then here’s a chance to test your mettle and win a trip to historic Kyoto with Bento & Co’s International Bento Contest!

The theme of the contest is “pasta bento”. Contestants should prepare a bento in a box that consists of one or two tiers, and the bento should be made of pasta.

The pasta can be made of spaghetti, farfalle, lasagna or any other type of Italian pasta. The bento should not be made of Asian noodles, like Japanese udon, soba, ramen or Chinese noodles.

The pasta can either be the main dish or a side dish of the bento. Using local and in season products from the contestant’s region is a plus, as this adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of the bento.

Once you have made your tasty and beautiful bento, take a beautiful photo and send it to Bento & Co! Your entry must be sent between 6:00 PM 5th April 2013 and 11:59 AM 22nd April 2013 to contest2013 AT bentoandco DOT com.

For the complete listing of rules, click here. Good luck, foodies!

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