2013 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report


The funny thing with me and cons sometimes is that I skip the ones I fully intend to see and attend the ones I had initially no plans of going. This was basically what happened with me and this year’s TAGCOM, held at the Robinsons Midtown Manila last weekend the 5th til 7th of April 2013


2013      2013 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report

The good thing about cons at the Robinsons Midtown is that they are always free and open to the public, which means no regrets for the con-goer if they ended up with a less than stellar experience. This was our main impression of this year’s TAGCOM — a few good places to acquire rare and hard to find merch, but not enough to cover your cost of admission if you had to pay for it. It didn’t help that the better, more interesting booths were all jammed up against the stage, creating a wall of people you had to climb over just to get to the booths on the other side.


2013      2013 TAGCOM Day 2 Event Report

Although we didn’t stay long, we were there long enough to see most of the booths. It was a good mix of bigger toy stores and independent sellers and would’ve been a good way to kill some time on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately the wonky layout and the bottleneck of human traffic closer to the stage put us off, and we ended up buying much less merchandise than we would have if we were able to browse more.

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