Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 1: Airline Tickets

Roadmap to Luna Sea in Bangkok 2013 Part 1: Airline Tickets

We love Luna Sea — scratch that WE LOVE LUNA SEA! So when a new tour was announced for 2012-2013 it was a mad dash for concert tickets, airline seats, and hotel rooms — very much like the yearly planning madness that overtakes us during overseas con season.

So! Are you also thinking giving it a go flying to Hong Kong, Bangkok, or Singapore to watch Luna Sea, L’ Arc~en~Ciel, or X JAPAN? Fantastic — here’s another series of roadmap posts that can help you plan when you decide to chase after the band of your dreams. On to step one: airline tickets!

After online discussions and a bit of thinking we decided to attend the gig in Bangkok, mainly because: 1) the last LS gig we attended was in Hong Kong; 2) we are always in SG for cons; and 3) it’s been a while since we were in Thailand and we had friends in Bangkok. With that to consider we started trawling the internet for airline tickets.

Instead of going directly to the airline sites, we used something called Skyscanner to look for all possible airlines that will take us from Manila to Bangkok (Skyscanner is also available as an iPhone and Android app). From there we narrowed out list to five airlines, and proceeded to check their flights and schedules.

We gave Thai Airways a pass due to price concerns, and Cebu Pacific as well due to timing issues (their one and only Bangkok flight leaves at midnight — which is shaving it a little too close to a concert that could end well past 10PM). We also skipped Jetstar because of the 14-hour layover in Singapore, so the final two choices were Kuwait Airlines and Philippine Airlines.

In the end, we booked with our national carrier because the Kuwait flight would be full of OFWs and their multiple balikbayan boxes (sorry guys, but it’s true :|), and we were not looking forward to dealing with that. So Mabuhay Miles cards in hand (lounge access!) it was off to the Centennial Airport for our flight to the Big Mango!

Continued in Part 2.

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