Five More Gift Ideas for the Animu Fan in Your Life

More Gift Ideas for the Animu Fan in Your Life

Still stumped on what to get that crazy otaku on your life for Christmas? We’ve got five great ideas for you that’ll fit any budget!

Nintendo 3DS

Three letters: 3, D, S. Okay, technically one of them is a number, but who cares right? Everybody wants one! Whether it’s hardcore JRPG nerds or casual music gaming mums this handheld game device always has something new and nifty for you to do.

PhP 10,000 from Datablitz

Jumbo Stuffed Nyanko-sensei

Cuddly and cute, you can’t go wrong with an oversized Nyanko-sensei plush toy from Natsumo Yuujincho. Because reasons.

USD 80 from HLJ

Nendoroid Kamui Gakupo

Say it with me: kaaaaaaawaaaaaaiiiiiiii ❤ Good Smile Company’s famously addictive Nendroid figures now come in Vocaloid flavors. Our personal favorite is Gakupoid — Internet’s Vocaloid 2 voice pack based on Japanese rock star Kamui Gackt’s deep and melodious tones. Perfectly-sized to fit the palm of your hand, you can always keep Nendroid Gakupo close to your heart.

USD 33 from HLJ

Nihongo Language Book: Minna no Nihongo

If your loved one is studying Nihongo, give them some relief from the neighborhood photocopy shop and purchase for them an actual Japanese language learners book. One of the most popular out there is Minna no Nihongo, which takes you through the basic steps of everyday Japanese.

Starting at USD 18 from The Japan Shop

Audio-Technica Headphones

Listening to J-pop and anisong is part of the typical anime fan’s daily routine, so why not make that everyday activity into something really special? Get them a pair of Audio-Technica to really ratchet up the sound level. Featuring crisp treble, tubthumping bass, and rich midtones, these affordable phones work great without breaking the budget.

Starting at PhP 700 from AstroPlus and Astrovision

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