GreatToysOnline Opens Annapolis Superstore! — one of our most trusted toy and hobby shops, has opened what can only be described as a “toy superstore” at Annapolis St., Greenhills 😀 With several hundred square feet of retail space dedicated to nothing but toys, figures, and sporting equipment, there’s something for every one at the new San Juan store.

Reminiscent of Japanese second-hand toy mecca Mandarake, Great Toys Online Annapolis features wall-to-wall open shelving, allowing customers to take stock of the store’s entire inventory before making a purchase. GT has products from such varied lines as Hasbro, Bandai, Hot Toys, and Good Smile Company, so you’re sure to find something to scratch that itch.

Great Deals at GreatToys.Com!

Great Deals at GreatToys.Com!      Great Deals at GreatToys.Com!

Malvs Lim of GreatToys elaborates, “We order direct from Japan and we are a distributor for all the major brands.”. This explains the sheer number and variety of goods on hand, as well as their ability to price competitively with mail order stores on the internet — without the trouble of having to go through customs!

Malvs is also understandably very proud of his special order service, wherein the store tries to source a hard-to-find item for a customer, who can dictate a maximum price for the acquisition. Malvs is usually on target or even under budget for most acquisitions, to the delight of his regular customers.

When pressed about the most unusual special order he ever accepted, Malvs laughs, “Oh nothing too unusual or risque! But I had an order from someone who wanted this DVD set that came with a pair of pretty female figures with interchangeable torsos. It was very nicely packaged, the two figures were next to each other, and in the middle were three sets of boobs.”

So — get an early start on your holiday shopping, and drop by the new GreatToysOnlin superstore at #33 Intrawest Building, Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan.

Thanks to Malvs and the GT team for inviting us to the store opening.

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