STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Continued from Day 1.

Day 2 of the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention 2012 brings us to the event’s artist alley — which seems you just grow by leaps and bounds with each succeeding year! A testament to the creativity of artists and comic writers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand — there’s plenty of upcoming artists from the area to encourage and support ❀

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report      STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Back at the Dealer’s Hall, there is more stuff to ogle and buy. One of the biggest booths at the event was by Japanese toymaker Kotobukiya, who pulled out all the stops featuring their Marvel and DC Bishoujo line, as well as moe cast off statues from anime and video games. Another wallet-draining exhibit was set up by Bon Japan, who brought in a veritable treasure trove of Japanese sweets and snacks~ om nom nom ❀

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report      STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

In the Stage Area, crowds of cosplayers and J-pop fans screamed and cheered for Japanese singer Piko’s first performance in Singapore. Piko — an utaite or vocalist who specializes in human renditions of Vocaloid songs, rocked the crowd with a full set of around six songs. After his performance, the screaming crowds were replaced by massive queues of figure collectors, as Hot Toys sculptors and designers came up to sign copies of their plastic masterpieces.

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report      STGCC 2012 Day 2 Event Report

Last but not least was STGCC’s Cosplay Catwalk — featuring not just the best in Singapore cosplay, but Japanese cosplay idols Jacky Dosai, Touya Hibiki, and Kousaka Yun as well! This year’s event is not a competition — as mistakenly reported by some Manila sources, but a friendly showcase of international cosplayers from the region. With the conclusion of the Cosplay Catwalk, the STGCC 2012 also came to a close.

Major props to the STGCC organizers this year, who took extra pains to make sure that the event ran as smoothly as possible. I especially loved the choice of venue this year, as the Marina Bay Sands Expo was not just awe-inspiring, but offered a variety of non-convention related activities as well *coughHarryPotterTheExhibitioncough* ❀ As for caveats, I think the only thing that comes to mind is the difficulty of commuting to MBS from the city center (two changes for three stations is no laughing matter).

I really, really had fun this year — and I can’t wait again for next year πŸ˜€

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