Where to Buy Dolls and Doll Accessories in Hong Kong’s Mongkok District


Where to Buy Dolls and Doll Accessories in Hong Kong's Mongkok District

Mongkok is one of our favorite haunts in Hong Kong. The district is home to the infamous Ladies Market — where you can gorge yourself on fast fashion and cheap souvenirs. Mongkok is also ground zero for geekier pursuits such as portable electronics, video games, toys, and collectibles.

However, if you — like us, prefer your collectibles big-headed and resin-y, then Mongkok is a whole different kit n’ caboodle. Other than the clear and present danger of blowing your entire trip’s budget on a single store visit, there is also the added pitfall of these shops’ abilities to accept plastic money. Truly terrifying, but in a good way~

We’ll be sharing a few shops we discovered on our most recent trip to Mongkok, to add to our growing collection of shop havens. The beauty of this doll-related excursion is all shops are located in a one-block radius on Sai Yeung Choi and Nathan (MAP), just a hop and skip away from Mongkok Station (MAP).

Sino Center

Wander through this maze of shops and you will find two or three selling Pullips and Azone dolls — especially the ones that are tie-ins with famous animation and game titles. The major finds at our last visit were the Megurine Luka Pullip and the Kaito Tae Yang. Dolls here are the cheapest — easily HKD 100-300 cheaper than nearby CTMA and Pakpolee, but the selection is somewhat limited, WYSIWYG.

CTMA Center

Slightly stronger a contender in the doll wars than Sino Center is CTMA. CTMA has two dedicated doll shops on the basement and the second floor. Stocks are touch-and-go — they may have what you want in stock, or they may not. The shops are still worth visiting though, as some of them sell off individual clothing pieces from doll sets at generally acceptable prices.

Ginza Plaza

Ginza Plaza is the place for eye chips and wigs. There are several shops in the basement dealing in these plus outfits and shoes — however the cream of the crop is JR Toys House. They have a number of dolls that are already sold out elsewhere (HLJ, AmiAmi, etc.), but are still priced reasonably — even cheaply, considering that they are highly sought after by collectors (like the Hatsune Miku Pullip). They also have a pretty extensive Momoko inventory — if that was more your thing. Bring plastic — they accept credit card purchases at a 5% surcharge.

Pakpolee Commercial Center

Pakpolee is easy to miss if you’re not looking — the building is right next to CTMA Center but the signage is obscured by an oversized Sasa billboard. However, if you do manage to find their cramped and crowded elevator lobby, you will be rewarded with two fabulous finds in their upper floors.

On the 20th floor is Doll Hearts, a store that specializes in SD, MSD, and Yo-SD outfits, shoes, and accessories. They also sell complete dolls, although the selection is a bit sparse compared to Eluts. The beauty of Doll Hearts is that the merchandise is there, ready to take home — which takes shipping-related nervous breakdowns out of the equation. They also accept Visa and Mastercard at a 3% surcharge in case you find yourself running low on cash. Last but not least, they organize doll meets for moms and dads to socialize and show off their latest adoptees.

On the 18th floor is Dollfie World, another doll shop with world-class selections and unbelievable low prices. Don’t let the name put you off — they may deal in Dollfies, but they have more Pullips and Tae Yangs in stock than all the other places put together. They also sell doll supplies like wigs, Obitsu hand and body parts, and Azone 1/6 outfits. The best thing about Dollfie World however, is the price — both standard and limited Pullip and Tae Yangs go for up to 50% less than online shops (PhP 6000 here, instead of PhP 11000 at YesAsia.com).

Last Minute Tips

Shop around — this is Hong Kong, never settle for the first thing you see. Come with an open mind — not everything you want may be in stock. Set a limit for yourself — it is easy to go overboard, especially with the shops that accept international credit cards. And when in doubt, ask — the item you may be buying may not fit your doll’s scale, and will be useless if it’s off-scale by a fraction of an inch.

Special thanks to Hazel of T-Tees for the initial research for this shopping trip.

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  1. Sutashi says:

    Thanks for this.. Ive been to Sino center before.. Lots of jpop and anime things..


    1. No worries — have fun!


  2. Kat says:

    I was at CTMA Center and saw a few Revoltechs that were way cheaper than Greattoys here (around PHP700-1000 vs the P2k+ price tags here). I was ready to head home then I saw Sino Center. OMG. Good thing I had specific toys in mind or else the only money I have left would be the one stored in the Octopus card. It’s both heaven and hell in there hehe.


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