An Academic Survey on Filipinos as Otaku

An Academic Survey on Filipinos as Otaku

Are you a Filipino? Are you a fan of Japanese pop culture — anime, manga, gaming, cosplay, etc.? Do you have five minutes to spare for a worthy cause?

If you answer “Yes!” to all three questions then it sound like you’re the person for the job!

One of my nearest and dearest friends (actually we’re not just friends, we’re partners-in-crime!) is taking up her masters in one of Manila’s most prestigious universities, and she needs help with her data.

If you could take five minutes off from playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (hahahahahahaha guilty as charged :|) to fill in her survey, that would be fabulous!

There is an option to use your online handle if you prefer not having your name published in an academic journal (although it’s too late for me — my name is already attached to a BL-related study in Japan so why bother >.>) but I highly encourage you to use your real names for science :DDDDDD

Thanks guys! We totally owe you one!

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  1. anne says:

    Hello po! I have recently been accepted in a short study program in Japan. It’s an all-expense-paid program but I’m not quite sure about visa application. I would like to ask on whether you know the possible requirements needed and the fees and the procedure as well. Thanks!


    1. Hi Anne — the info you need can be found here: How to Get a Japanese Visa: A Guide for Filipinos.

      Next time, please use the Search function on the sidebar to find the info you need. Thanks and good luck with your studies!


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