Weekly ASCII Creates OS-tan-style Android-tan Comics

Weekly ASCII Creates OS-tan-style Android-tan Comics

In the grand tradition of OS-tan, Browser-tan, Game Console-tan, and other anthropomorphic gadgets and software, Japanese publisher ASCII has created a line of Android-tans inspired by device providers from all over the world.

Personified in the yonkoma series Hana no Android Gakuen (Beauties of Android Academy) are major Android device manufacturers Sony Ericsson-tan, Motorola-tan, HTC-tan, Samsung-tan, LG-tan, Sharp-tan, Fujitsu-tan, and Casio-tan.

The school is run by the venerable Google-sensei. Also in the cast is a boy from the neighboring all-boys school Apple-kun — who most of the girls despise and admire at the same time. Apple-kun and Samsung-tan have a longstanding feud.

To read about their mis-adventures as well as character profiles, head on over to the ASCII website (Japanese only).

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