VIZ Announces Sublime BL Imprint

VIZ Announces Sublime BL Imprint

Long story short: SuBLime is a new BL imprint formed by a partnership between VIZ Media, Animate, and Libre Shuppan (yes — that Libre Shuppan). The goal of SuBLime is release English-language BL manga as graphic novels and digital downloads as close as possible to their Japanese release dates.

SuBLime also puts an emphasis on providing international access to their releases, in contrast to similar digital publishing labels like JManga and Square Enix Manga who are limited to North American users. Digital releases will become available beginning in December 2011, and print releases to follow six months later.

Aside from the international access (which is a huge deal for Philippine BL fans, owing to the prohibitive pricing of books on the local market — digital downloads will be priced at less than half the current rates at your favorite brick-and-mortar store!), another reason to support SuBLime releases is the fact that the digital downloads will be served as save-anywhere, read-anytime PDF files on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

The company is placing an unprecedented level of trust and responsibility on their market, relying on us readers to police our own ranks to help curb piracy in the form of illegal sharing of the PDF files. I hope that this — paired with competitive pricing and open access, encourages Filipino BL fans to start purchasing books legitimately, instead of relying solely on illegal downloads.

So, fellow Filipino fujoshi — any thoughts?

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  1. m.miki says:

    For me, this is really great news! I’ll be able to support all my favorite arists from Libre as well as buy their books~ ♥
    Thank you! This made my day! I was just feeling down a few days ago because I heard that a lot of June titles were restricted and cannot be shipped outside of US. \(^ ^)/


    1. same here — it makes getting a new KINDLE FIRE or IPAD for christmas really, really attractive ❤


  2. Cat says:

    I LIIIKE!!! 8D
    Ever since I started reading BL I’ve always wished it was easier to buy. Though some local bookstores carry BL titles now too, (I bought Junjou Romantica in FullyBooked BGC the other day) this news is music to my ears 😀 It means access to more titles which I don’t think I’ll see in local bookstores.


  3. same here — as much as i love my favorite local book chain, the prices they charge for their BL manga are completely unacceptable 😐


  4. Lorenz says:

    “…,another reason to support SuBLime releases is the fact that the digital downloads will be served as save-anywhere, read-anytime PDF files on your laptop, tablet, or phone.”

    For some reason, I read the last part as “read-anywhere” 😐 While true, reading BL in public can be eskandalo- and cringe-worthy. It doesn’t help that I’m a GUY (…we really need to have a term for “male fujoshis,” yes?), so it just triples the hiya factor.


    1. we really need to have a term for “male fujoshis”

      The term is “fudanshi” 🙂


      1. Lorenz says:

        Oh, so that’s what fudanshi means! I’ve seen that word a few times but somehow I didn’t bother to look it up.

        I did a quick google of the term, and found its definition to be a bit… strict. They all say that fundashis “enjoy yaoi in the same way as fujoshis do… they just follow a heartful story.” I think you know where I’m going with this.


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