AFA 2011 I Love Anisong Presents “Rock Your Soul” with Hatsune Miku, Kalafina, LiSa, and More!

AFA 2011 I Love Anisong Rock Your Soul Hatsune Miku MAY'N Mizuki Ichiro Flow LiSa Kalafina

“Rock Your Soul” at Anime Festival Asia I Love Anisong! is set to be one of the biggest anime events in South East Asia. This year’s line up includes Hatsune Miku, Kalafina, LiSa, MAY’N, Mizuki Ichirou, and FLOW!

Miku Live Party (Miku-Pa) in Singapore 2011 is Hatsune Miku’s first 3D live performance in South East Asia! This concert is a sequel of the recently-concluded Miku-Pa event in Sapporo, Japan last August 2011. A holographic 3D Miku will sing and dance onstage together with her live back-up band!

LiSa is the singing voice of Yui, one of the singers of the band “Girls Dead Monster” from the anime “Angel Beats!”. This is LiSa’s first big performance in Singapore, and she will be singing tracks from Girls Dead Monster as well as her own mini-album “Letters to U”.

Kalafina is the three-member vocal ensemble formed by hit composer Yuki Kajiura. The trio has sung themes for Kara no Kyoukai, Kuroshitsuji, Sora no Oto, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. In 2010, they toured all around the world — with stops in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, and the United States. Like LiSa this is their first performance in Singapore.

AFA will be held from the 11th to the 13th of November in Singapore’s Sunctec City Convention Center. Other guests include Saitou Chiwa (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Danny Choo (Culture Japan), and KANAME☆.

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