How to Deal with Misdirected Letters

How to Deal with Misdirected Letters

Yep — I get those a lot. Email, snail mail, Bee mail — stuff gets lost, you get used to it. Here are three ways I deal with misdirected mail:

Check the contents.

Is the misdirected letter important in nature — like financial information or a heartfelt letter to a relative like the one below?

Dear Mom,

I am trying to recall the crazy events that led to Niche becoming my Dingo, my bodyguard, my companion throughout my quest in delivering these letters. Niche may seem like such a meek creature but her long golden hair can lift and cut through anything. Although my adventures seem quite dangerous, Niche’s potent powers make me feel safe somehow. I’m glad to have her with me.


Inform the other party.

If the letter sounds important and deeply personal, don’t just banish it into your spam folder without a second thought. You need to inform the sending party that their mail was misdirected. Or, you can inform the folks at Animax that you have received somebody else’s letter — I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Be cautious with your reply.

Inform the other person about the letter’s details. If possible, include the URL or the email address of the party that mis-sent the letter. One caveat: don’t reply to any emails originating from Nigerian princes. Just don’t. You will thank me for this later.

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  1. ewek says:

    found it..thanks for the post! 😀


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