Cosplay Videoblogging for Fun and Profit


Cosplay Videoblogging for Fun and Profit

Okay, I lied — it’s mostly for fun and not for profit 😀 With anime review and cosplay photoblogs becoming a-dime-a-dozen, anyone who wants to start a new blog has to come up with a unique twist.

If you do not have the talent for writing good copy, are not a camera enthusiast with thousands of pesos to blow on equipment, or do not have self-esteem issues (see: cosplay hate blogs), what other options do you have?

Try videoblogging or v-blogging 😀 With the latest slew of affordable pocket video recorders, all you have to do is point it at a pretty cosplayer or an epic cosplay group, store the footage in your camera, and connect the camera to a computer to upload the videos to your YouTube or NicoNico channel.

If you feel like it, you can also toss in some fancy editing work and some nice background music. Easy, right? Here are three camera suggestions to get you started on your road to being a celebrity v-blogger (mileage may vary with this claim :D):

Flip: this venerable mini video camera was the device that started it all. The Flip boasts of solid features and a simple menu system that newbies will love; unfortunately, the manufactuere Cisco didn’t love it so much and decided to discontinue the line earlier this year. However, with every cloud is a silver lining: thanks to its premature demise prices have dropped for the Flip, and you can get a decent one at less than PhP 5000.

Panasonic HM-TA: if ruggedness is what you’re looking for in a portable video recorder, then Panasonic has something for you. Their line of shockproof, waterproof digital cameras have lent their invulnerability to their video cousins, the HM-TA series. Panasonic HM-TA20 reviews also gave the device good scores on the imaging and design front — a fantastic deal at just under Php 8,000.

Sony: sporting excellent video quality, fantastic still pictures, and Sony’s renowned styling, the Bloggie series of mini recorders is a good fit for the fashionable set. Despite its tiny frame, this recorder shoots footage that is clear, bright, and crisp. Some Sony models start at just PhP 5000, but go a little further up the ladder to get the goodies such as dual-LCDs for self-shooting or touchscreen controls.

This post is sponsored by Test Freaks.

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