DMP Starts Adult Manga Imprint


DMP ProjectH

Via ANN: English-language manga publisher Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) has launched a new line of adult manga catering to the H-set.

Aptly called ProjectH, the new label will be releasing thee titles on its maiden offering (LOL H-joke :D): Shocking Pink! by Yasui Riosuke, Three P by Itaba Hiroshi, and Embrace & Bloom by Michiyoshi Kuon.

Although I have no doubts that the new line will be well-received (lol H-joke :D) by its target market, I have some misgivings that the new titles may lead their owners into a lot of hot water.

Last year, Christopher Handley — a manga collector in the United States whose stash included several H and loli titles, was arrested and tried for possessing “obscene material”. He was sentenced to six months jail time, followed by five years of probation.

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