Nakano Broadway at 2011 Toycon


Nakano Broadway 2011 Toycon 無意味 NONSENSE Shop Shoujo Slash Shirts T-TEES Yorozuya

Does the idea of cutting-edge geek shirts, 1/6th vinyl toys in assorted girly flavors, or authentic second-hand Japanese toys and collectibles whet your appetite?

Then, we’ve got great news for you — surf on by to the Nakano Broadway booth (yes, we’re named after that Nakano Broadway) to get your fill of the following goodies:

PINKY:ST, Collectibles, and Statement Tees

Shop Shoujo
Fashion and Accessories

Slash Shirts
Graphic, Fandom, and Statement Tees

Graphic and Music Streetwear

Toys, Artbooks, and Collectibles

Drop by 2011 Toycon on the 18th and 19th of June 2011 at the SM Megamall Megartrade Halls — look for us at booth 40 and 54. Don’t forget to bring giant wallets stuffed with cash hahahahah~ see you guys there! >:D

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