Sony Announces S-Series Tablet Devices

Sony Announces S-Series Tablet Devices

In a press conference held 26th April 2011, Sony has announced the release of its own tablet devices to rival the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy S.

The new devices — dubbed the S-series, will come equipped with a plethora of unique Sony content such as Sony Reader e-books and PlayStation Network games and movies.

CNN Money has an almost-complete rundown of the new device’s specifications: the S1 will be a flat slate with a 9.4-inch screen, and the S2 clamshell will have two 5.5-inch displays which can be combined into one large viewing surface or used separately. Both tablets operate on Google’s Android system and will support wifi and 3G/4G.

The Asahi Shibun reports that Sony Executive Vice-President Hirai Kazuo stated during the press conference that “(The S1) will allow users to enjoy high-quality entertainment to their heart’s content.”

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  1. XyLoL says:

    WOnder how much will it be xD


    1. there’s the rub — there’s been no hint so far on the price, although i suspect SONY will want to undercut APPLE on the price front to gain leverage. after all, by the time the S series ships, iPad2 would’ve been out for almost six months already — that’s a lot of potential S-series purchases lost to the iPad.


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