Halina Kabayan Ko Japanese Recycle Shop


Update: Halina Kabayan Ko has recently closed shop. We are really sorry to see them go.

Halina Kayo Japanese Recycle Shop

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure — that age-old adage is so appropriate for Halina Kabayan Ko, a Japanese recycle shop. Featuring a massive storage complex housing everything from household furniture to plush toys to sports equipment, you will spend hours just scouring for treasures.

We visited the shop with for the very first time last weekend, to see what it had in store for us. Just like shopping at Japanimation, we came with an open mind and an open budget (it’s a better shopping experience if you manage your expectations of what’s in stock rather than go there with a very specific list).

There were rows and rows of household furniture, many of them in pretty good shape. There were couches, closets, dining sets and book-cases of every size, style, and price. There were household appliances, crockery, and tableware. There were also different kinds of shoes and apparel — the selection of winter wear was pretty good compared to some local vintage stores, so it’s worth checking out.

The best part about Halina Kabayan Ko for me personally boils down to two things: designer leatherware and toys. HKK has a pretty good selection of second-hand wallets, keyholders, coin pouches, and hand bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other designers at rock-bottom prices. I’ve already got my eye on a particular LV Damier pochette, and I hope to raise the funds for it by month-end.

I also loved their racks and racks and racks of second-hand manga and toys — many of them still sealed in their original vacuum packaging. Books range in price from PhP 20 to PhP 100 — but most of them are in Japanese, so that may throw some people off. The toys on the othar hand are in surprisingly good shape — if a little dusty. I’ve got my eye on an Evangelion school days set and a collection of Shounen Sunday heroines in school settings, as I intend to repurpose the school room props for my Pinky:St. dolls.

Hello Kabayan Ko is located at 113 Quezon Avenue, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City (MAP). You may contact them via landline at +63 (2) 516-4269. They are open everyday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The store accepts only cash payments, so come prepared. Deliveries for larger items such as furniture is offered at a minimal fee. The store also accepts “kaitori” or purchase of second-hand items for reselling, from Japanese expats moving back to Japan.

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  1. Euri says:

    Hm! Interesting find! 😀


  2. Kat says:

    I wanted to go crazy when I went there. I think the attendant was amused every time we go “OMG!”. I managed to restrain myself and only got the Clamp no Kiseki set. The Evangelion school set is also nice, and the furniture is quite nearly in scale for Pinky St. Hehe.

    Wah! Is this their most recent photo? May Yotsuba na ulit?


  3. Lei says:

    Whoa! Thanks for sharing! I’ll try to drop by this weekend to see it for myself. 😀


  4. ades says:

    There are Japanese surplus shops scattered over the Metro. Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, middle of C. Raymundo Pasig, across Magallanes near Evangelista, near national bookstore Avenida, Libertad.


  5. ades says:

    Also, manga goes for 20 per.


    1. Wah! Is this their most recent photo? May Yotsuba na ulit?

      i think this photo was taken several weeks ago — i got it off their japanese website since i felt kinda iffy bringing my SLR along to such a dusty place ^^;;;;;

      There are Japanese surplus shops scattered over the Metro … across Magallanes near Evangelista.

      i’ve been to the ones in evangelista, but there wasn’t anything worth mentioning inside the shops except for the furniture (and a lot of them were in pretty bad shape) so i never bothered writing about them ^^;;;;;

      i will take the time to check out the ones in pasig and marikina though~ thanks for the tip!

      Also, manga goes for 20 per.

      the one i purchased was PhP 100 — so, i guess the price varies from title to title?


  6. Euri says:

    OMG! I’m SO going there! DX


  7. Kat says:

    “i think this photo was taken several weeks ago — i got it off their japanese website since i felt kinda iffy bringing my SLR along to such a dusty place ^^;;;;;”

    Oh, thanks! I guess I can go check it out. 🙂


  8. Kachan says:

    whoooo I wanna go! Shoes and toys yeah! Thanks for this 🙂


  9. dementia says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit but had no idea what they sold in the store


  10. Faith says:

    mmmmmm! will try and visit this one!!!


  11. Devastator001 says:

    Ooh near where I live! @_@ Interesting…


  12. shimmer says:

    thanks for sharing this! will def visit some time~ :3


  13. marrie says:

    are they selling Special A manga?


  14. Nicole says:

    Whoa~ Thanks for blogging about this. I’m so going there next week. Ozine for the weekend then this~^^


  15. Ady001 says:

    Hey, I found this, I’ll prolly go there tomorrow Wednesday, just scouring stuff. I often go to Japanimation for my CD collection. Are there CDs sold there too?


  16. Ady001 says:

    In terms of surplus greatness, nothing beats Japanimation.


    1. i agree that japanimation has more of the little things that people want like used CDs and toys 🙂 however, halina stocks some really desirable items like game consoles in good working order and designer handbags in great condition so they too are fantastic in their own way. i guess, different target markets? 🙂


  17. Ady001 says:

    Went there today. It’s a surprisingly orderly shop and in terms of 家電, there’s a wide selection. Their manga selection is also laudable. But I find their prices to be a little too on the steep side. Some toys were intact and that was good.

    On the other hand, I sorely find their music selection lacking. I was almost going to buy Toshi Kubota’s The Baddest 3 since I already have one and two, but I got smitten with a DVD box of Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu (for 200 pesos) and a DVD concert version of Kobukuro’s Live at the Budoukan 2006 Nameless world for 70 pesos. Not too bad.

    Japanimation on the other hand has a wide selection in terms of music. I never found a shop so comprehensive in terms of LPs and Vinyls (It’s vinyl heaven) and CDs (for those who are familiar with old JPop, this place is also heaven.

    So where will you go? I suggest you go to the two shops. both have a wide selection for themselves.


  18. prechie says:

    m selling some of my things pls call 09333068285


  19. prechie says:

    pls come tom morning about 9am.tnx


  20. this is not the official HALINA site — kindly contact them directly via FACEBOOK 😐


  21. MBS says:

    I went here but it was creepy so i never returned. All the people stared at me wherever I go so it freaked me out.


  22. chu_stewart@yaoo.com says:

    pls give me update on appliances


    1. This is not the official HALINA site — kindly contact them directly via FACEBOOK. Thanks!


  23. mheann says:

    nearest place in recto pls


  24. Ren Tan says:


    meron pa din ba itong store


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